How many HI's have been licensed?

How many home inspectors have actually been licensed and are allowed to carry out property inspections in Alberta as of September first?

Right now, Service Alberta is processing 107 business applications and 133 inspector applications as well.
They currently have 58 licensed businesses and 70 licensed inspectors.

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Go to for a current list of Licenced Home businesses and inspectors in Alberta.

There are 70 business and 89 inspectors as of 2011.09.04.

Rumour has it that there are 150 applications to be processed.

My question is, if technicaly they are not aloud to inspect until they get a license, why do I see my competition still working?? I am the only licensed inspector in Lloydminster and area (150 km) radius!!

Apparently, If their applications are in the process, meaning submitted to the government, it is possible they have received their license number by phone or email.

I got mine via email before the paper copy came. I was listed on the service Alberta website before I got the email.

You beat the rush. They phoned me on Sept 1 and told me my number, but that they wouldn’t even be looking at my application for at least another two weeks.