How many hose bibbs on a new home?

Where can I find the requirement for the number of hose bibbs needed on a new home? Did one yesterday, 2,800 sq. ft., and only one hose bibb.

Many thanks.

Hi, Joe, if someone finds it, I would be interested to know too.

Loggic would tell me that it is like receptacles inside, where you can reach any direction with a six foot cord.

In this case it would be one every 50’ in both directions around the house.

That might mean to have one on the front, back and one or two sides of the house depending on it’s size.


My last inspection showed two in the back 6’ apart, and didn’t figure that out either. must have been a short hose, ha. ha.

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even on the smallest of townhomes that i see around here there is one at the front and back or side and back or side and side. In other words 2 minimum. after doing a search did not find a code req. also have never read a code anywhere. maybe someone else has. i’d be curious to know.

I think that the plumber recommends to the home owner that they should have at least one in the front and one in the back.
My point is I think it comes down to price, the owner does not want the extra cost. The area that i live in does not recommend a certain amount.

Only my opinion.

**R306.5. Exterior Hose Bibs. One- and two-family dwellings shall have not less than two exterior hose bibs, sill cocks or outside hydrants with one being located on the side or rear of the structure. (Effective January 1, 2007)

I usually see one in the front, back, and adjacent to garage (to wash the car).


Charles what is your source?[/size]

not Charles, but

IRC 2006

just added this code cycle

Perfect! Thanks.

Thanks Barry.

Where do we find the 2006 IRC amendments / addon's online?

Here’s some

all I did was enter R306.5 in the seach engines

if you know the numbers it’s simple as that

if you or anyone else has these please post them for all, thanx

there’s more then one way to skin a cat :wink:

Skinned cat…yum

Well, I have my brand spankin new 2006 IRC from ICC sitting in front of me and R306.5 is not there. Stops at R306.4???