How many p-traps LOL

How many p-traps can you put under a sink. There are 3 between the disposal and the stack LOL. Just another Fix and Flip.

No insulation for dishwasher, not attached and the water line is kinked.

I guess they won’t have to worry about gases backing up in the disposal, the downside; it won’t take long for the drain to start clogging up. :shock:
Also the air gap is missing

Looks like along with the extra traps… did they install an AAV where the D/W would normally dish-charge? :smiley:

Loop the dishwashing machine drain line as high as possible in the sink cabinet and securely fasten or install an air gap device

You guys saw the same things I saw. There was also no clamp at the disposal cable, flexible drain lines in the bathroom sinks, leaking bathroom sink supply and drain lines etc…

These fix and flip contractors take so many short cuts. They must not think that the buyers will have an inspection.

The words realtors try to sell are… brand new… toatally renovated … lets not forget turnkey, no need for an inspection. As soon as I see “new” reno work the spidey senses go into hyper drive.

The best advice i give a client is ask to see the permits. JMO

At least you are in an area that requires permits. Many areas around me do not, or only for specific work, like installing or replacing a septic system.

That is scary Jeff! I just had an incident where a neighbours builder was trying to install a septic right on the property line. Here they are supposed to be 3 meters (10ft) but are usually given some leeway to 5 ft…but not zero. My leech field is close to the property line as well, plus they have raised their lot level significantly. One call to building inspector and it was moved … along with the property rain runoff it would have saturated my property. I am in a rural araea so you have to watch out for yourself as builders will try to get away with anything to save a buck!
I have to wait for final grade to make sure that they install a swale for the run off…I already advised the builder that I would be checking.
Thank God for compliant permits.