NACHI - 9,000th Member

It is with extreme pleasure that I announce NACHI’s 9,000th member today.

Stacey Van Houtan of The Home Inspection Company of Liberty, MO:[INDENT]Mr. Van Houtan has over 25 years experience in the Home Construction and Inspections Industry. As owner of The Home Inspection, Co. he performs commercial building inspections as well as structural, mechanical and whole house inspections, which include testing for radon, mold, lead, asbestos, septic, wells, termites and pool/spa. He teaches at Professional Inspection Training Institute (PITI). Mr. Van Houtan’s educational background is in biology and chemistry from Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.

[/INDENT]Please join me in a warm welcome and support.

Welcome Stacey

Welcome to the Family.

Alright Stacey

Even with the deadwood project NACHI is still able to keep the number of members growing. There were piles and piles of non-active members that Nick was deleting everyday for months.
I think NACHI should give away a big prize of the 10,000 member like a vacation for 2 or a new truck. I wonder how long it will take NACHI to hit 10,000?

Welcome aboard, Stacey. Please call or e-mail me if I can help you in any way.

Welcome Mr.Van Houtan!

Welcome aboard Stacey!

NACHI - 9,000
ASHI - 3,400
All Others Combined - 3,500 ?

very revealing… :smiley:


I would say it would take 2 years from today. And will take any bets.


I bet it takes 1 year from today. NACHI is taking over, the best education, exclusive discounts from vendors, cheapest memberhip prices, and much more. Our chapter meetings are bigger than some National conventions.

There is no where else to go except planet NACHI.

I’ll say we hit 10,000 by our 2007 Convention in May

We are already only 982 away… 18 members joined since John’s post above.

How many Nachi Members are Full Members and how many ASHI members of full members and not canidates?

I hope you are right,but I will take your bet,name it!!!


Name your bet, just keep it friendly!!!


P.s. I hope you are right!!!

Hey John,

ASHI’s site states 6000+ members and 80+ chapters.

I was looking at the user list and there are 11,500 or so members of the board. Not all of those are actual NACHI members.

What method is being used to come up with the 9,000 number, because they obviously aren’t all registered here on the message board?


You don’t have to sell me on NACHI. Just take the bet!!!