How much are you charging for sewer scopes?

  1. How much do you charge?
  2. Location?
  3. Monthly average?
  1. You can never charge too much for sewer scopes.
  2. In the sewer…duh.
  3. Only disclose to members🙃
  1. $150
  2. Portland OR
  3. 70 scopes per month

1 - $200 if on a house inspection as well. $250 if standalone
2 - Seattle
3 - I do about 8-10 per month, but more focused on home inspections. This is a great add on service. It will also depend on the age of houses in your area and how invasive tree roots are known for. It is hard to sell a sewer scope add on for a 20 year house with ABS plumbing and no established trees.

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Sounds like you need to up your price bud! $200 at 70 is a whole lotta money!