Sewer Camera Inspections

Some of the inspectors in this area are offering this service for $150.00. Looking at getting into this but have no idea on equipment. Looking on EBAY the equipment is selling for $900 - $3500. Any ideas on what equipment would work well?

Check with Hank:

Henry R. Valenzano, CMI
Colorado Springs, CO
(719) 635 6425

I thought he did a blurb on sewer inspections with his camera but I don’t find it right off.

I do them on a regular basis. I charge $150 if done during an inspection or $195.00 as a stand alone service. I picked up my camera from a company on EBay for less than $700.00 and hooked it up to my laptop so that I can burn CD’s or DVD’s for the client right there on the spot. Total set up cost less than $800.00 plus some additional tools like wrenches and other stuff.

Thank you Scott for the information. I am being asked more and more often now if I do sewer scope inspections. Definately something to look into as a value added service.