Subbing-out sewer scope inspections

Those of you who sub-out sewer scope inspections:

  1. How much do you pay the plumber?
  2. How much do you mark-up? if you do?

Perhaps @kleonard will give you insight ~ good luck

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I don’t sub-out the sewer scope, I pass it along to a plumber I trust. It’s them who will make any needed repairs, and they should evaluate and diagnose any problems. They can provide the best estimates for those repairs. Therefore they should receive the fees.

I know this doesn’t go along with the new narrative where every home inspector sells sewer scope video, but to me it’s the right thing to do.


why would anybody want to take on that kind of liability???


Exactly. A big reason I didn’t choose to go along with the industry on this one.

Also, what plumber is going to do estimates or anything with someone else’s video? And for the same reason, liability. Every time, a plumber will go back and re-scope it themselves. So to me we aren’t doing a good service by hauling around a sewer scope and charging clients.

I’d rather have a good plumber who will reciprocate when they need something I provide.

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Most scopes in my area are in the $300.00 range if someone were to hire a Plumber or another company to do it.

As far as what the Plumber that I use to do scopes charges me, and the mark-up that I pass on to my client, that’s confidential information. I charge $275.00 for a sewer scope same for a septic system inspection, although these prices will vary by region, being that you’re located in Rancho Cucumonga, means you probably service the inland empire and maybe even LA and into Orange County, you’ll probably be charging more than I do here in Ohio.

The Plumber that I use is licensed in the state of Ohio to perform these inspections and uses what is IMO only the best equiptement. He also has the capabilities, if needed, to quote a repair, make a repair or replace any part of the plumbing system. I’ve known him for many years and have 100% confidence in him and the work he does.

A couple of years ago we were scoping a very old home, one with a P-trap ( AKA house trap) under the footing, and the camera head got stuck and ended up breaking off in the sewer pipe, luckily the house was a flip and was vacant, he had to tear up the basement floor to retreive the broken camera head and even fixed a damaged section of pipe, the seller and LA were both very impressed, which also reflected on me.

I do have that box checked on my E&O along with Radon, even though I sub those out also.