How much for an aerial thermal commercial roof inspection?

I have recently been contacted by a roofing contractor to put together a quote for an aerial thermal inspection of a 117,000sf commercial building. If I get the work, this will be my first commercial thermal roof inspection. A lot of the training material I have and courses I have taken reference costs from way back when. A lot has changed since these courses have been put together. I have done some research and have seen base costs at $1500-$2500 up to 50,000sf with an additional $0.05-$0.07 per additional sf. Any prices I find are from several years ago. If I use $2500 and $0.05 (2008) then calculate for inflation I come up with $3500 and $0.07. This comes out to just over $8000 before the travel expenses. What are other people using/seeing for these inspections? I do intend on giving my potential client a discount for reaching out to me. I am not providing cores or anything else. I am just flying and providing a report of my findings. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thank you

If you are asking how much to charge you need to assess your costs (time and equipment) and add a profit margin that is suitable for your location. Can’t imagine anyone else doing that for you as there are very few inspectors with drones capable of thermal pictures.

I would think you need to gauge your client’s expectations very closely as this will affect the time it takes to complete this project and you want to make a satisfactory presentation.


@dandersen would be a very good resource for what you plan to do. David looks at arial Thermal Imaging pictures from others and reports his finding AND he is a Level III Thermographer. Click here and call him…maybe he will help…


Thank you Mr. Kenney. You are right on all counts. I will be working closely with my potential client to make sure we both have a good understanding of what is taking place. I was really hoping for someone to say, “I charge $XXX.XX for …” Then, I could adjust for my area. The last thing I want to do is unknowingly “stick it” to somebody because I didn’t have the correct key words for google. I have expensive equipment and other things that could add up quickly depending on how you do it. If I need to go the route of figuring what I think my services are worth I can do that too. I would rather not tho. Thanks again for your help.

Thank you Mr. Kage. I have contacted him through your link. Much appreciated.

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You’re welcome, David…my pleasure…and, please call me Larry.