How much should insurance cost in Canada these days?

Just starting out and I have gotten 2 quotes for E & O and general liability insurance. Both of them over $3000 CAD per year. Should I keep looking for better quotes or is that kind of the standard amount I’ll have to pay? Does anyone have a recommendation? Really wish InterNACHI discount worked in Canada already!!

wow Canada prices are way higher then they are here in Missouri. I pay just under $900.00 for E&O and general liability combined.

Hey David, who quoted you, I’ve been inspecting 11 years and in Alberta we are required to have E&O as a condition of license. When I started it was $1800./year, in 2021 I’m paying $4200. It includes G&L, tool insurance and mold. I go to the market every year and this is what I have to pay, when I complain I’m told it’s not me it’s the high number of claims in eastern Canada which is total insurance company bulls#@t. I’ve been hoping InterNACHI insurance would come to Canada and save us, but not yet! Good luck

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