How much to charge for a mold inspection

Hi, I just completed the Mold Inspection Course and I will be buying my necessary equipment and tools soon. Can someone help me figure out what to charge for a mold inspection? I have no idea! Please help.

Carlos Roca
Certus Home Inspections
Katy, TX

Do you have a state license for mold assessment?

Also… what is your process from start to finish? What are your business costs and expenses, including annual insurance, lab fees for your services provided, etc…?

Hi, if you want a decent answer contact others doing the same in your area pretending to be a client. Every time someone ask questions like that the replies are often the ones above. Once you find out please post it here for others who may have the same questions.

Wish you great success.


Just make sure you abide by the licensing requirements of the Texas Dept of State Health Sevices at . You may, via your TREC Inspector’s license, observe and note the presence of possible mold but you cannot collect samples nor have them tested unless licensed by the DSHS. That license is difficult to obtain w/o a college degree and/or previous experience. As noted, the Texas Mold Assessment Technician and Consultant license program will move to TDLR in November 2017 and existing rules will change.

So, David, who dictates the fee’s you charge for your services? Realtors? Competitors? What is your profit margin when you allow others to run your business the way they see fit? Are you in business to make a profit or work your arse off in hopes of having enough money at the end of the week to put food on the table for your family? Yes, I will ALWAYS answer the above questions as I have. Why would anyone ever advise otherwise? Are you purposely trying to steer him towards bankruptcy, because thats exactly where the advise you are offering will push him… out of business!

I don’t see your license here Are you a new MAT or MAC that they have not listed yet?

Did you mean inspection or do you mean testing?