How often do you have disagreements with insurance agents?

I conduct a lot of 4 point inspections through a insurance company I have a contract with (bout 30 a week). But I just conducted a 4 point for a client that contacted me directly and now the agent is kinda difficult to work with. Agent asked questions like “Why didn’t you comment on the age of the plumbing in the house”? I clearly have it marked on the form that it appears to be the original plumbing to the home that was built in 1971 with the types of branch plumbing I see and supply lines visible. The agent then argues that no, that is incorrect and all I need to put +/-5 years and that is how insurance companies do not care about branch plumbing and only care about plumbing you can see. The agent also asked why I didn’t have the permits, I replied with I could not find any and listed the websites I used including the county building website, I even had on the report screen shots of the websites bringing up no information on the property as far as permits were concerned. She then replied with that she has them. I replied if she sends me the link or presents them to me I would be more than willing to adjust my report to the information provided. The agent just hit me with a “I don’t mean to be rude but your inspection has been no help.” I am fairly certain I have this report fully correct or the other insurance company would of dropped me by now for not doing them correctly. Any advice before this turns into a full blown argument between the agent and I?

I realize you’re getting business here so up to you to eat shit or not.
I do not let any agent tell me how I should “revise” the report.
It’s out of their category-period.
Usually they are desperate 'cause they’re afraid the client will go to other agents.

Average twice annually I am forced to send this to the agent.
That will shut them up. It’s for WindMits though so adjust for 4 Point.
At the same time I refer my client to another source. :cowboy_hat_face:

Florida Statute 627.711 authorizes me to produce the 1802 form by way of my licensure, what it does not do is give insurance agents the authority to question my techniques or not accept my form. FSS 627.711 states unequivocally that the “insurer shall accept as valid” any form signed by an authorized wind mitigation inspector. By not accepting my form, you are in violation of state law. Make no mistake, I am the construction professional here, not you.

As a licensed professional, authorized by state law, I decide what the findings are by using specific recognized construction standards and the required training of my licensure. If you do not accept my form I will report you to the proper authorities as in violation of the law by way of not accepting a legal document from a licensed, authorized, inspector simply because you don’t agree with the outcome.

“Shall accept as valid” means required and not optional.


Ask them to send you an email with their concerns, and you’ll get back to them when you’re back at the office and can review the data.

Then respond in whatever manner is most appropriate (if they even take the time to write the email).