Inspections for new home owners insurance policy

In the past few weeks I’ve done about 5 inspections for clients who need the inspection because they are switching home owners insurance companies. Not that im complaining but you would think that the insurance company would be sending an inspector and not requiring the home owner to hire one. Anyone else doing these type of inspections.

I suspect the insurance company is Farmers.

I don’t know what Insurance Company is asking for this, I just find it strange that I am being hired by the home owner and at the same time my report may have them denied for their new insurance policy.

I will find out what Insurance company is asking for this, since I have another one coming up…

It has been happening in Florida for years. It is called a four point inspection.

Pretty darn ridiculous HUH.

Makes perfect sense to me, make the home owner pay, that saves the struggling insurance company’s profits, the homeowner is required to use a professional the insurance company can maybe sue if there is a claim, safeguarding their profits yet again.

That’s what I was thinking. It gives the ins co another party to blame in the event of a material defect type of claim. Might want to make sure you PIA is in good order and be sure it covers you well from third parties. You might want to talk to Joe Farsetta for some PIA verbage help. He knows his shi…t or your own Attorney or Mark Cohen in the legal section.


What is the age of the houses being inspected?

The home is about 100 years old.

Most insurance carriers in Florida require a 4 point for houses 20-25 years and older. Roof, HVAC, Plumbing and Electric. Not all ,but, some items in these areas do not have a life span much longer than that. They want to know the condition and age of the products they are covering. They are a small home inspection, if done correctly

If you did not already know this, the insurance industry and lobby drives the building code and inspection industry. As Greg B. said, this has been going on in Florida for years. The insurance industry is about to roll the program out across the nation. While this may seem like a good idea for us inspectors (new ancillary service for you guys outside Florida), it is actually short term money and will harm our professional fees in the long run (for those of us that charge professional fees). As the insurance industry tightens their grip, the “4pt. inspections” will become more and more comprehensive (except for the fees) and will eventually take the place of a full home inspection. (The realtors will assist in this endeavor). The “4 pt. inspection” forms will become standardized and then the race to the bottom will be on. Other than that, I think it is a great idea.