How often does your client meet you at the inspection?

…Even for a few minutes at the end of the inspection. How often does your client show up?

I smell a poll coming soon. I’d say 90% of the time my clients meet me at the inspection. I prefer it that way. They typically choose to arrive towards the end for a recap and walk-through. The other 10% are typically out of state clients.

I like the 90% that attend…it makes getting paid even easier!

I suggest, if possible, all my clients attend the inspection.

1- It helps the client understand the report better.
2- It creates a bonding between us because they see we work hard.
3- The client treats us good if questions come up later because of this bonding.
4- We get to see what the clients is most concerned about firsthand.
5- We get paid at the time of the inspection (cash, check, or CC).

95% of the time.

Since most of my clients are investers they wait for the report (see if I got killed in the neighborhood) then decide if they want to see the property. 50%

yes X 5

yes X 5

Very well said John. I agree 100%

"How often does your client show up at the inspection"

Just once, usually.:wink: :smiley: :shock:

Seriously, though . . .
Most always, if they are in the area. I NEED an hour to get my info, I don’t like people nagging or following; I’ll miss stuff. So, I make their appt to be an hour after I start. I do want them to go thru it with me.

We have a lot of out of area buyers, so I had to choose 50%.

99.999% of the time.

99%, I schedule them during the last hour.

Agree 100% with McKenna on all 5 counts.


I charge extra if client’s are not present during the inspection to compensate for my extra time explaining my findings in the report.

And don’t mind passing those inspection’s…

Me too!

I like it when they show up during the last 1/2 hour for a good through post inspection wrap-up so i can point out and explain the probelms foud and answer any questions they may have.

I much rather have at least an hour start alone so I can really focus on the home without being side tracked. Just me though, it really does not matter either way as long as the customer is happy,

Once in a while they ask if they need to be there and I tell them yes.
Only one could not arrange it so far.
Having a client understand everything is your best insurance.

Perhaps one in ten of my clients shows up at the inspection. Maybe fewer.

All of my clients attend their home inspection.

No one should buy a home they plan to live in without seeing it, so the out of town guy is just going to have to make the trip someday and somehow. That will be the day we inspect.

My report is descriptive and complete, but it still comes in second to my walk-through with the client as I point out the defects to him before we leave the property. That is when he asks the questions/I give the answers out of earshot from the salesman that the MAR is trying to create penalties for in their licensing law.

It also ensures that he has seen me in the attic and in the crawlspace with his own eyes and never has to wonder or doubt when little things pop up if I was diligent.

Last year’s stats show that about 20% of my clients were out of town buyers who had returned back to their home towns and were not available. Therefore, I did the inspection with videos of the home so we could go over the report and videos over the phone.

In addition only 25% wanted to spend the entire 4-5 hours on site with me. Those that did were there the entire time. The remaining 55% of my clients came to the property after I had completed the inspection for a walk-thru of my findings.

Like John, I always try to get the client to show for the inspection and only do inspection without meeting the client if they are out of town and will not be able to come back to town during the inspection period. I also require a signed inspection agreement and payment as well as a discussion on the phone about what they expect from my inspection for me to book an out of town client.

I haven’t had an in town client not show up at the inspection in the five years I’ve been doing this.

– bz

So strange How a man or women could spend a lifetime of earnings, yet not care enough about the inspection to be there.
Perhaps we need to reemphasize the importance and convey this information better.