How or Would you write this up?

Basement bathroom – view from inside the bathroom looking at the doorway. Basement ceiling is lower than door height. Is this reportable, and if so, how would you report it?

Not a house I inspected…just my in-laws house, but had me curious as a new inspector


take measurements. Is it likely that someone could hit their head? Is most of the basement a low ceiling? Or only near this spot? Just apply some common sense here.

It’s not low enough for most people to hit their heads…but being 6’5" tall, I’ve hit my head on it numerous times LOL. A large portion of that area of the basement is that height.

Sounds like the basement ceiling height is too low. That would indicate an “unpermitted” finished basement - not legally a habitable space. What is the ceiling height in the basement?

We have tons of turn of the century homes with finished basement at 6-2 or 6-3 in height. You sure aren’t going to raise the ceiling. I would much rather have seen them put in a custom cut door so it doesn’t give someone a false sense of the height of the room on the other side of the door. At least if you see a lower door, you can anticipate a possible problem.

The home is what it is.

I agree…my head sure does wish it was done differently. Thanks for the replies guys.