How should recepticals be installed

Should recepticals be installed with the ground up (as shown) or down?

Ground up usually indicates a receptacle designated for a light switch.

It makes no difference from a code point of view. Personal preference of the electrician as far as I can tell. I like it when the wall switch controlled receptacles are reversed from all the others.

Here’s an older post with the same question…

Thanks David,

Actually I install mine with the ground DOWN in reference to the earth…ie: ground…well thats always how I justified it…lol…

The Code does not care as someone stated…

The arguement I have heard surface is…if you install the receptacle with the ground on TOP or upside down as some call it…if the plug has a cord cap in it and lets say it works a little loose…something like a cloth’s hanger could slide down the wall and it would hit the ground and pop off and no harm to foul…

The arguement against the ground DOWN as I do it…is that if the same thing happens as above…a metal coat hanger lets say…then it will come down and SHORT across the Grounded and Ungrounded prongs …causing issues…

While it is a nice arguement I don’t BUY into it for the most part…as good of odds as me winning the lotto…so traditionally the ground is down…but again Electricians preference…:slight_smile:

If the ground is up, a metal cover that becomes loose and falls will fall on the ground …the other way it shorts out. In commercial with metal covers the ground should always be up…My preference… Also with the ground down, it serves as a support that will help keep the plug totally connected. Those are my thoughts, all of mine area always up . Also all the screws on the cover plates have to be vertical.:smiley:

At one time, there were designations imprinted on the tabs, for “up”. As originally designed, the ground was indeed “up”. However, this has been long forgotten, and either is acceptable by today’s standards.

Ben is correct as to the idea behind the metal plate falling across hot/neutral, hence the ground being up.

OMG…I though I was the only ANAL electrician who has to have the screws on the cover plates a certain way…I like mine Horizontal…:slight_smile:

right is in the eyes of WHOM wishes to accept it…Certainly NOT wrong to do it either way…:slight_smile:

Paul, vertical is more pleasing to the eyes…also all conduit fittings have to be facing parallel with the pipe… Yes, it is a bad habit, my helpers all hated me for it, but they all still do it!

Who’s Eye…lol…I like mine opposite of the way the prongs are…looks snazzy to me…:slight_smile:

Oh yeah…I hear my guys talking under their breath about my anal ways all the time…BUT since I sign their checks its safe to say it BETTER be my way…until which time I die and they take it over…:slight_smile:

I think they are easier to check with tester with ground down. Easier to push in and pull out. That’s why I like 'em that way.

Tehehhe…You are Home Inspectors…Not Commerical Inspectors…While it is a good point in Commerical…lol…wont matter with plastic plates…and more jobs I deal with in Commerical are still plastic…

OH…most commerical applications are 4x4" square boxes with raise covers…no worries their also…:)…so for that 1 in 50 metal covers…yes the ground UP will help…thehehehe…Man I love my JOB !