How to find a mentor? 30 parallel inspections

My ultimate goal is too start my own home inspection company. But first I need to complete 30 parallel inspections with a certified home inspector. Along with other requirements like passing the state exam etc. I just completed the 87 Internachi course. I was wondering how others got somebody to help them with these 30 inspections. Why would anybody want me to tag along with them? Why would they want to provide any help so I can get licensed. How did you find somebody to help you?

That is a tough situation. I would suggest that you start asking around on this forum and check old post. It would help to complete your profile so we can see where you are geography or at least posting your location. Where I am from in Utah we don’t have this requirement . Other inspectors where ever be you are had to go through the same process so they probably are open to helping other people as someone once had to help them. Start asking around. It may cost you buying some lunch for the inspectors also offer to lug tools and ladders. Let them know you are willing to work. Use to find InterNACHI Inspectors in your area to see if the are willing to help. Check out

Good Luck.

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Paul, somewhere there is a list of inspectors by zip code. With the new forum, I don’t know where to find it. Maybe someone else can chime in with a link to t. You might consider contacting inspectors 50 miles away, or so, to see if they would have interest in helping you.

Some inspectors don’t want to “train their competition”, so to speak.

I’ve heard of inspectors that do it free and some that charge. Of course, you would have the expense of hotel or driving and meals. But it is well worth the cost to shadow another inspector to get up and running.

Good luck. :smiley: :+1: :thinking:

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