How to fix a FP Main Breaker that will not stay on...

Just put a friggin’ broom handle under it…
Man Oh Man!
Today’s inspection.


Just figure, the broom handle is cheaper than the electrician :smiley:

Wow! Idiots everywhere!

Roy the breaker was tripping for a reason? Is that a trailer?
If so you forced the connection to remain active?
Am I on candid camera.

Roy, Can I use that for my real estate class?! :shock:

of course! I’ll answer the other questions once I get off my mobile

Nice :wink:

Good catch Marc! Yep! A Shakey Shack.
That was the way I found it.
However …
Even if it was blocked it …“would/should” have trip with over current.

I would have used the MacGyver method…Duct tape…Uh Huh!

Yes! Thomas .
It’s yours.

Does the stick come with the house or is it negotiated separately?

Thanks Roy, I teach a class at the RE board on “Understanding Home Inspections for Realtors” and I have a couple slides on FP stabloks and that one will be a hoot!

And by the way, no I don’t demonize those panels/breakers.

You can’t “force” a breaker to remain in the closed position. They have an internal trip that will open the circuit despite the position of the handle.

I think there’s probably more to the story.

We’re on Candid Camera JP

Yep! I said that in a previous post.
“Even if it was blocked it …“would/should” have trip with over current.”
It just will not stay in the on position.

Agree, that was my first thought. That broom handle is, or least should be doing nothing as far as keeping the breaker from tripping.

It will not stay on without the broomstick

It’s amazing those “What the heck were they thinking?” moments. Always more to the story, I guess one of the first reply was accurate. “cheaper than an electrician”.

Hey Roy, could you post or send a high rez copy of that photo?