How to get a battery

I need a battery for my TIR1 and am surprised at how difficult it is. Fluke won’t sell direct and the 3 suppliers I have tried (including Grainger) either don’t carry fluke parts anymore or will only sell whole sale. Anyone know where to make this purchase?



2500 mAh, NIMH
**Battery Capacity: 2500 mAh (2.50 Ah) **[info](javascript:void%20’return%20false;’)

Price Per Amp Hour: **$15.58/Ah **[info](javascript:void%20’return%20false;’)
Price: $38.95 ****](
Free Shipping! info](javascript:void%20’return%20false;’)

  • No Sales Tax Outside Wyoming! [info](javascript:void%20’return%20false;’)
    2 or more
    10 or more
    $35.06 each
    $33.11 each

IN STOCK, SHIPS TODAY [info](javascript:void%20’return%20false;’)
(must order by 5pm MT, 7pm ET)

Ships From Wyoming, USA! fast…](javascript:void%20’return%20false;’)
[1 Year Warranty Protection](javascript:void%20’return%20false;’)
[30 Day Money Back Guarantee](javascript:void%20’return%20false;’)

Thanks Michael and Roy. Ordered it from Sears for under $18.00. A few years ago I ordered one from Fluke when they would still sell to the public and it was almost $90.00.