How to get started in Missouri

If I may take a moment of someone(s) time, I would like to know what is involved to become a Home Inspector in Missouri.

I am in the St. Louis County area and would tend to think I would work in the St. Louis County/St. Charles County/Lincoln and Jefferson County. (If that matters?)

I’ve got ten years plus in the building trades and am currently a year old contractor of my own accord. I took the Home Inspection Exam on this website a year or so ago and passed. (Just to let you know I am serious)

It’s just that I am unable to find a ‘checklist’ of sorts for what is needed to get the ball rolling in this field. Any input is greatly appreciated!


Dear Robert,

For a one time fee of $289.00 USC, I will be glad to show you to exactly how to go about establishing yourself as a Missouri Home Inspector and provide you with any kind of checklist you may need.

But wait, there’s more…if you call now I’ll also include a copy of one of my own business cards. (and feel free to show them to all of your friends and family members in New York)

Good luck and welcome.


There’s a big shot Nachi member from Missouri working on the licensing program that should be around in while. I’m sure he would be glad to help. :roll:

Read the forums, all your answers are there. If you still cant find what you need, refer to post #3

Brian Jones

Hello, Robert.

Call me.