Multi-Inspector Firm in St. Louis Needs Ill. Lic. Inspectors

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Once upon a time, there was a multi-inspector firm that would only hire ASHI members due to the demands of the St. Louis real estate community. In recent months, the real estate community has come to learn that a home inspector belonging to NACHI is at least as qualified and has decided to lower the drawbridge.

Now, the owner of this multi inspector firm has appreciated the genuine spirit of cooperation and willingness to help each become better inspectors that has been observed among NACHI members belonging to the Central Missouri Chapter, NACHI, and has contacted me asking:

Can we, as a business, join NACHI?
Can we, as a business, attend the meeting coming up on August 13th in O'Fallon, IL?
Are there any NACHI members who are licensed in Illinois who would be willing to work for us in the St. Louis Metro East area?

Of course, the answer to the first two questions were answered immediately. As to the third - I ask that any Illinois licensed NACHI members who are willing to run some inspections (she said about one or two per day) in the metro-east area send me an email and I will put you in touch with this firm.

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