How to hip a non-hip roof

I got a wind mitigation inspection that came up with 23’ of non-hip features over a total perimeter of 168’. 16’ is on over the porch and the remaining 8’ are on the two sides of a 6’ x 4’ utility room addition. The utility just extends the main structure’s roofline out to a lower wall.

Any way to fix that utility room to get the (substantial) hip discount? My understanding is that even if the utility roof was cut off and a drip edge installed with the utility roof reattached at the fascia, that the area is enclosed so it would still count in the hip perimeter calculation and thus the whole structure would remain non-hip?

I wouldn’t make drastic structural changes to chase an insurance discount. They can pull the plug on the proposed discount amount, or the entire program, at anytime.

Adding properly rated shutters/window/opening protection is easier and actually provides a real tangible benefit (and yes, it’s very expensive).