How to: Looking to add a couple of Ancillary services

After doing a little research about adding a couple of ancillary services I may have answered my question. But I wanted to get anyone else’s take, for the state of Florida, how to add Radon and Mold testing to my list of services.

So for anyone in the state of Florida how does one add these two ancillary services? What classes to take? Are they through InterNACHI? Or do I have to take another approved class for the state?

I may not even be asking the questions but it’s a start.

@mgoldenberg is probably the best you can direct this question to. Good luck with your expansion!!

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If you’re not a State Licensed Mold Assessor, there are pretty strict requirements before you can legally hold yourself out to the public as performing mold.
This includes the required $1,000,000 general/E&O insurance.

" Mold assessors must have (a) 2 year degree in microbiology, engineering, architecture, industrial hygiene, occupational safety, or a related field of science from an accredited institution and a minimum of one year of field experience or (b) a high school diploma or equivalent with 4 years of documented field experience.
" All applicants must demonstrate documented training in water, mold and respiratory protection.
" Applicants must submit an application and fee to the department, pass a state approved examination, and submit to a criminal background check.

I don’t do radon. Not enough demand for it here, no basements.

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