how would you report this?

found this in a duplex I inspected today. It is a radiator under the kitchen sink. The tennant has piled several items on and around it as you can see.

Thjanks in advance

I wouldn’t “report” it at all. I would tell my client it’s not a good idea though, and why.

I don’t think I would report this either Steve unless you saw something there that was really flammable at low temperature…

I would report the old brass drain pipes, recommend upgrading of the drain, and report poor location, recommend removal or relocation of the radiator. In the summary - Monitor.

John Kogel

Just going by the picture, I also would not report it. Looks like a “housekeeping issue” more than safety. As Mark stated, I would inform the potential buyer to try to keep things away from the radiator as much as possible. I would also not report that the radiator is in a poor location either. The house looks older and they may have had the radiator installed there to keep pipes from freezing , since you are in Ohio.

What did you do on this?

I would feel the drain trap at the bottom of the curve, or look up at it if possible to check for corrosion on the bottom where water stands to create the seal, as the photo looks like there may be some corrosion/rust on the side of the pipes so if its there its probably worse on the bottom, I would advise to keep everything off & away from the radiator as these do get hot to the touch some times depending on conditions. It’s very possible they never use the radiator also.

All you guys are new at this I can see. Well, as a contractor I know this is a water heater! \:D/\:D/\:D/

I dont believe it is a water heater, it is a rad for the heating system though

Was it plumbed and functioning?

What kind of WH is designed to release it’s heat into the air?

I believe Mr. Zarnes was busting balls about the water heater comment.

Are you a painting contractor?

YES, I was poking fun at the picture.

And no not a painting contractor but a Certified General Contractor in four states.