How To Size A Service Panel- Video

Hello Guys,

Many of you know I have been working on some video’s for a DVD project I am working on. I wanted to run some samples by you all and get your feelings and take on it. Now remember critics are good but be constructive as if the intent is to simply BASH them…I can only say…LETS see what YOU can do.

Ok…with that said…here is a link to TWO example video’s. They are designed to be BRIEF and to the point in less than 5 minutes.

If this type of stuff is helpful…please let me know so i can expand it into other areas for your enjoyment. Again we have (2) samples of the exact same thing.

Thanks very much Paul love it and do appreciate all the help and Information you give .
I am a retired sparky and it sure tunes me up too.
Roy Cooke

Just thought you should know that whoever is hosting your videos for you puts ads on after your video ends. Since this is part of your website, you should know that one of the ads that popped up when I watched the video was for a clip called “The Nipple Sniper”. I’m not sure if you intend to be associated with that sort of stuff or not.

Tried it twice did not see this ,guess I am not as lucky as some others .
Roy Cooke

Mark…they are ONLY up for sampling…those video’s are freely held on the site that hosts it…I dont want to host it but my YouTube is being a bit STUBBORN at uploading this is why they are a sample.

Thank you however…The nipple dude is a bit disturbing.

Nice job Paul,
I think the short, lets say chapters is a great Idea that way you don’t try to grasp to much at one time and you can keep replaying the chapter untill you have it down pat. Most likely you could cover the full gammit for home inspectors on a C/D Or Two. As you and I know a home inspector is not a sparkie but they should know the basics and how to use certian tools and safety equiptment, Correct.

Oh yes Len…I will be doing an entire series on DOWN to earth understanding for electrical and home inspectors…and doing a series on electrical safety…PPE and so on…I HOPE with the help of Pierre if he is willing to play around with me a bit…:slight_smile:

Plus we are limited in bandwidth for quality…BUT on the CD or DVD these videos lOOK brilliant…the text behind the voice is for PAUSE reference…did notice a few typos…lol…in the text typed fused circuit breaker…lol…go figure.

Again…work in progress but if you listen to the verbage…it covers it well…and yep I did it all on one take…

The “nipple dude”? You mean the guy on the motorcycle? :mrgreen:

OMG…now thats not helpful …lol…Funny…and PERHAPS CORRECT but not helpful…lol

  • 6 sec, the term “guys” is used when referring to the viewer, when a more gender neutral term might have been more appropriate.
  • Around 30 sec and again around 50 sec, you refer to the drop wire. This is most often sized to NESC rules, and #2 ACSR is what is suitable for 200 amp, most often. Perhaps you meant the meter line side, and not the aerial drop wire.
    *]The one slide depicts an A base meter without a socket, and describes it as being from a 30 amp service. While this is often true, that same meter is also in use on 60 amp services, even without being used in an A base socket.
    Just some stuff I noticed. Hope that helps.

lol…thanks…I was refering to the drop figurativly…lol…ok.

Marc…It is VERY hard to get EVERYTHING into a video in under 5 minutes…Please try it…not very easy…:slight_smile:

Thank for for your comments

Well done. Very basic HI info, but well done.

p.s. no nipple guy here…sounds like you have spyware on your PC that pops up when certain programs are run.

TOOO much info…have to keep them simple as they are not being made for the electrical industry…trying to use common terms that can be related to versus craming down technical terms…thats a totally different video…lol

I am working on the next one…which did you like better…you have to remember these are samples…only took me about 10 minutes to make them.

Hey I like the TEAL one better…what ya think?

True; which is why it’s important to get the limited amount of information that is present correct. To enhance the accuracy and not add time to the clip, I propose you remove the term “drop wire” and the reference to that one meter as being related to a 30 amp service.

Looks great as a training tool for NACHI members-

Hapy New Year!

Actually…what I am looking for is how they appear on your screens, are they clear enough to see and which format looks better to you. AS for the content…these are rough versions and are not going into my DVD…they will be checked and double checked…I am looking more for viewage.

Marc…I disagree…I have seen 30A and 60A in a round meter can and I have done inspections on some OLD panels that had it rated at 30…based on what I saw…basically the info is useful. Your experience as an electrician is not relavant to the basic methods needed for what they will see most of the time.

The service drop wires…would be better termed Service Point Wires…but in my VERBAGE i descrive this…not so much in the text…but again in the works and for education…I do this for FUN…and to me it is rather correct for is use…again…simply samples.

ok…better should I phrase this…do the home inspectors find this info helpful to the point I should continue to produce them…or stop right now…lol…kinda really wanted to know how it looks on the screen and how it plays on your computers…is the Leak video show up better…or the teal one on YouTube

oh… I thought you were submitting them for peer review. The second one is certainly friendlier to the viewer, but the first one is friendlier to the listener. The speech is very fast in the second. I suppose in an effort to keep the total time under 5 min.