Electrical Training Video with Paul Abernathy


Paul Abernathy, The Electrical Guru, is coming to NACHI.TV to develop an Electrical Inspection Training Video for Home Inspectors.

We’ll be asking Paul to:

  • inspect an electrical panel
  • identify electrical concerns and defects
  • explain grounding and bonding
  • determine the size of service
  • review safety precautions
  • and more.

We’ll ask Paul to perform actual inspections on-location at a couple residential homes too.

What electrical topics do YOU want Paul address in the training video?

List them here in this thread and we’ll try to address them all in the upcoming training video on NACHI.TV?

Does he cover switches within 3 ft of a shower stall or tub. :wink:

lol…Funny Man…yes, I already covered that…:wink:

Here are some items that I think may be confusing some for the HI point of view.

–Proper grounding of dual main panels.

–Examples of main and sub panels where the main panel may be only a couple of breakers at or near the meter base.

–How to inspect and make appropriate recommendations for sub panels in completely separate outbuildings (detached garages, for example).

–acceptable and unacceptable wiring examples in attics and crawl spaces

–how to inspect and make appropriate recommendations for breakers serving heat pump and a/c compressors.

That’s all that come to mind, but I may think of others. The trick, I believe is to help HIs understand how they should inspect and make recommendations for such situations without getting tangeled up in the NEC. :mrgreen:

lol…Ben…I am their for only (2) days. My understanding is you wanted an electrical panel type training…lol…ask for electrical panel issues as their is no way we can cover the whole ball of wax…you already did that with someone else…:wink:

just talk faster Paul…

LOL, you don’t want that…
Paul can sometimes talk tooo fast about the safety of switches located in wet areas…


I’d be interested in the relationship between the main panel and sub panels and how they are different.

2 different wiring requirements/allowances for sub-panels, depending upon where they are located in relation to the main disconnect…:wink:

Read up on it. Sometimes, things arent totally in black or white.

Life is a lesson… you learn it when you’re through.

lol…I am sure we will cover remote distribution panels for the most part. But…dont get me started on wells!

Paul, where are you posting from? The hotel? Call me on my cell 720 272 8578 and we’ll do dinner.

How about some discussion on electrical equipment like garbage disposals, Air conditioner Max fuse, circuit breaker, range, dryer 220’s is a ground required at metal siding, cable, phone ground/bond and any other related equipment we may encounter at an inspection.

And maybe a few minutes on electrical report verbiage.

Hello Ben, Paul I was wondering if and when you might be doing a episode on the commercial side of things. Just a thought. Looking forward to your upcoming episode. I have been involved with electric for 30 years and it is always evolving that’s why I enjoy it and am looking forward to real estate inspecting always a different day. Thanks for all you do.

Yes, please include proper inspection procedures for well electrical systems.

Darn right… especially his new shower dance…:wink:

I found him and took him to dinner. I tried to learn him somethin’ about how electricity follows the path of least resistance to earth but he was havin’ none of it. :wink:

I can talk electrical for days as you all know. I hope nick will have me back for more episodes on many pressing electrical issues. Commercial electrical would make for another great episode…its all up to Nick and Ben as I love coming to colorado.

lol…oh those electrical myths are everywhere…but man what is it about not being able to get a coors light in coors country. I had to drink a Bud…YUK!

Pictures of Paul: http://www.nachi.org/paul-abernathy

I took him to a nice Italian (of course) restaurant last night, but I forgot that the menu was written in Italian. We did spaghetti & meatballs. Somehow the waiter found an American beer for Paul. No Coors even though we were a couple miles from the Coors Brewery.