How to stop recording audio with video

I recently swapped my iPhone and now when I record a video using HIP mobile the audio is enabled. I seem to remember an option to disable audio but I can not remember where it is. Any help would be appreciated!!


Hi Manny,

There’s no way build in to do it. We’ve actually never had anyone ask! Audio is a great place to narrate the issue in less technical method than may be listed in your report. Let me add a mute button onto the todo list!

Thanks for the response! So how I am not sure I understand you, is there a way to stop recording audio with my videos that are recorded while using app?


Just mute the phone settings .

I don’t see a way to shut it off on the built in video recorder either.

“be warry, warry quiet…”

Lol after reading your post Bob I realized I had the same issue a while back and I believe you said the same thing about phone settings!! I was able to go into the microphone settings and turn off the mic just for the HIP app. Thanks for the help guys and have a safe weekend.