2 consistent issues I have been having with HIP

I have been having 2 issues follow me through different Iphones and across multiple updates of HIP that I am curious if anyone else is having. I have emailed Dom numerous times about the issues but the normal response is “we are working on it” after I send him my template and copies of reports to view.

1: App crashes on Iphone after I take a picture and hit “use photo”. When this happens, I am forced to retake the picture as it never saves the picture when crashing.

2:Narratives running together when a finished report is viewed as a PDF. Its random when it happens but I have to go back and manually add a carriage return at the end of the narrative to stop this.

Hi David,

Number 1 occurs when you use the pinch zoom feature of ios. It’s actually a bug on the Apple side and there’s no way we’ve found of working around it. I’ve seen users of other ios inspection software having the exact same issue. You should avoid digital zoom anyways as it lowers your photos quality. Use an optical zoom (they have iPhone attachments) or just move closer.

I haven’t seen anyone with your second issue in quite some time that I can remember. I’m pretty sure it was resolved with an earlier version of HIP but I could be mistaken. Make sure you are running HIP 4.7. If you are, send me the hzf file so we can try to replicate it.

Spectacular inspectors do not have this issue on iPad nor iPhone. This is an Apple defect, but we worked around it about a year ago. I believe I sent you the fix so HIP users can stop experiencing it.

Very cool! I don’t remember seeing the fix but it’s very possible I just missed it. I haven’t looked for solutions in a few months so I’ll take a look again. I appreciate any tip you’ve found!

The fix is here: http://stackoverflow.com/a/29959695

Set the cameras’ subview delegates to null before closing it…

I’ll check it out, thanks.

It’s kind of ironic, our job as software developers is to help home inspectors lives become easier, spend more time with their families and get more rest. Why is it that the two of us are up after 1am? LOL!

lol… This has become the norm for me… Up until 2am every night working on Spectacular for Android… It’s fun and fulfilling though… I have the wife’s approval…

Such is the life of us developers…sometimes we are the most productive after midnight…nobody is bothering us then…:cool: