HIP Mobile Constatly Crashes

For the past few weeks or so my HIP Mobile app crashes while doing an inspection at least 2-3 times per inspection. I have an iPhone 6s plus with 64 gig of storage which is about half empty. I have the latest IOS and HIP mobile app. Is anyone else having this issue?

There was an issue with pinch zooming causing crashes. It is an Apple issue, not HIP. Make sure you have HIP Mobile set to auto save after each item so if it does crash, you only lose the last entry.

I suggest you monitor the HIP Facebook page where there are more people working on a regular basis. This was discussed months ago and the search function if 1000% better than this archaic message board.

Yup, contacting support is always a good first step!

The only known issue we’ve seen on a iPhone is what Steve mentioned, the pinch zoom while taking a photo can cause a crash. The latest IOS update seemed to have eliminated that for the most part (or at least greatly reduce it). Go into your Apple settings and make sure you’re running the latest version of the Apple operating system.

If that doesn’t work give us a call and we can go through and see if there may be a conflict with another app or something else going on. There hasn’t been a public iOS update in awhile so unless you’re running the beta version nothing has changed in HIP Mobile itself.

I followed your advice and called support. I was told that there is no know issues and to try uninstalling the app. I did that and it still crashes. Then I wiped my phone and reinstalled only the needed few apps and still it crashes. I even tried it on another iPhone 6s that i borrowed from my wife and its doing the same. Your the expert so I am not doubting you but I am at the end of my rope with this. It is costing me valuable time. Please let me know what else I can do.

Hey Manny,

Most likely you’re experiencing the camera bug Apple introduced in iOS 10.3. The camera will crash and bring your app down with it. It crashes after about the 40th photo snapped. It’s happening in all iOS apps including Spectacular, Palm-Tech, HIP except Tap Inspect. They fixed it by writing their own camera, but that has other issues especially with photo quality. Good news is the bug is fixed in iOS 11 coming out next month. I’ve personally verified this by putting iOS 11 beta on one of my iPads and Apple sent me a message confirming it.

Dump your Apple stuff! No issues on Android.

Sorry been crazy busy last few days. Aaron thanks for the info I hope that takes care of it as it is driving me crazy!

It’s driving lots of inspectors crazy… I feel ya man…

It does seem to happen a lot less (and even non existent for some) on the newer iPhone’s. As Aaron mentioned, it’s been a huge pain in the *** for all of us developers as our users are frustrated with something we have no control over and have spent a ton of time and resources trying to work around. We have a similar issue with the Samsung S7 on Android but the S8 and other devices works perfectly too. All are well documented online from other apps and users.

We are all looking forward to the next iOS release!

Well I am happy to say I updated to IOS 11 last night and I performed 2 inspections today without a single crash!! What a pleasure to finally not have to stop, restart HIP tyen retake the pic and redo any comments that didnt save! Thanks for the heads up Aaron!

Super glad to hear that. We are hearing that from everyone else too. It’s nice to have an iOS update that fixes more problems that it causes for us!

My Pleasure Man(ny)…