How to write this up ... 🤔🤔

Hey guys I found in my books the requirements for steel column to steel beam support should be either welded, bolted, or bent tabs. I haven’t found what the requirements are for wood beam on top of block column. This support seems so small to what it should be but I can’t find anything to prove my point. Should I even write this up? Is it ok? Seems a bit rigged and not safe or secure

It ain’t correct, but it looks good now.
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Forget your books !You are on the wrong page.
What issue do you see.
I’m not joking.
The girder and/or joist looks fine.
Are there any others problems?
Is it supporting the dwelling property at the time of your inspection?
Remember an inspection is a snapshot in time.

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I didn’t know it was the wrong page. This is a structual issue I thought no ? I’m new I don’t know maybe I am on the wrong page. Anyways thanks for your hostile answer maybe it’s time you get your monthly lay sir. I know she’s expensive but you’re due lol

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There is nothing wrong here.

I don’t know of any way to “weld or secure” a wood beam to a concrete block.

What you see is typical.


Well, I don’t what everyone else is looking at, but the shim under the beam is way too small.

Open cells on the block too. lol