How would you report the presence of polybutylene

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I recently dropped of a radon monitor at a vacant townhome that I am going to be inspecting later this week.

I observed the presence of PB piping and wanted to ask how you would report this condition.

The townhouse was built in 1994 and I know the whole association has PB.

The last time I inspected a similiar situation I refferred a plumber and he didnt know much about PB.

This type of PB is the Vangaurd with the PB2110 identification.

Would you report this as a major concern? Cost could be from 4 to 7 k to replace.

Would you report this as a monitor condition? Wait until a pipe burst inside a wall and your home floods.

I noticed the home had a filtration system to help with the chlorination problem that can effect PB.

If i remember the PSI rating on the pipe was only 100 or 120. The home had a pressure reducing valve but what if that fails?

I posted this in the report writing in the members only area and received 0 responses.

Thank you


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Dave, there are lots of info on the web and on here about PB pipe.

Basically you have to report the presence and disclose the problems that are known with this. Also put several web site ref. in your report so that the client can research it. Also offer in your report more information upon request in case they don't have internet. Always recommend turning off the water when not at home too.


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