Take a look

Is this what I think it is PB???DSCF0003 (Small).JPG

Looks like it could be…it is always best to search the pipe for a marking – PB2110.

Most likely yes.

I’ll have to remeber to look for that thanks. If your not sure what would you say and put on your report???

The piping appears to be polybutylene and this type of piping has a history of problems and should be examined by a qualified plumber and repaired or replaced as necessary.

The Insulation seems to be installed vapor barrier to the cold side. I would write that up also.


straight from 1000 Narratives:

          1.          Polybutylene, PB—Active water supply pipes appeared to be polybutylene plastic (hereafter, “PB”). It is believed that chlorine and fluorine react with PB, causing pipes to scale, flake, and become brittle. Micro‑fractures result, and the basic structural integrity of the system is reduced, thereby becoming weak and possibly leaking without warning. A home inspection cannot determine if PB water supply pipes are about to leak simply by looking at the outside of the pipes since they deteriorate from the inside, and they can split or burst under pressure at any time. Some insurance companies decline to offer insurance on homes with PB water supply pipes because of associated problems with it. For helpful information about PB pipes and a class-action lawsuit, [click here](http://www.usinspect.com/car/1203plumbingpb.asp), [click here](http://www.polybutylene.com/), and [click here](http://www.pbpipe.com/index1.htm). Recommend further evaluation by a licensed plumbing professional before close of escrow.