How would you report this?

zombee monkee is grunting zum zounds

So, what you are saying is, Newbies shouldn’t speak unless spoken to*?** *

What’s the matter with you JJ.
Santa didn’t get you your 2 front teeth again? :smiley:

I thought the candle thing was funny!
Now you grow a pair big cluncka.

Hey, Mr. Area 51…

No biggie.Just edit 1st post to say funny pic off the web.

Now go get me coffee Newbie.:wink:

If you didn’t think it was funny then your just a grumpy old guy the got side track digging dirt up on liberals , Oh wait Mikey was upset great job spot on . lolol gezz you guys need to get a sense of humor . Mikey does but he likes more the dark side of things to get his jollies .

I would like to report this post.
It turns out the term “Buttercup” is not a special term of endearment shared only between myself and Mr Jonas.
He appears to have more than one “Buttercup”.

Have you no shame Sir?

heat source appears to be wicking into plumbing

Mykee iz a nuubee???

ah big buubee fer shur


Elvis is EVERYWHERE :slight_smile:

except Michael J. Fox …
and Michael Larson

Nope. :razz:

This was fun and entertaining until about #11. I appreciate the humor regardless of the intent. I personally would have recommended the buyer consider upgrading to scented candles - maybe lavender or fresh-linen. Also, I noticed there was not a wax catcher installed - which is a defect.

Thanks, I thought it obvious that it wasn’t real. Not sure where the trolls thought I was out to trick folks into thinking it was legit/real. I guess for some you really gotta spell everything out for them. I guess the only good thing to come out of it is I know who to add to my ignore list around here. It really does make my experience here more enjoyable :wink:

First month and creating an ignore list already? Give it some time.

Oh boo hoo.

Try to get over yourself please.:roll::roll:

Nice signature, Dickwad.

The candle is improperly mounted with temporary support vs permanent. Service and correct as needed.

Thanks Joshua, followed your link and the name to use for ignoring is mlarson :stuck_out_tongue:

great advice, even if you are a nuub :slight_smile:

Johnny de O. is the low priced leader in his area and know exactly what he is worth.

Careful who you take advice from.

I think a few rounds of “Kumbaya” is in order :-({|=