How would you write up basement water heater

What verbage do you use for a basement water heater since the catch pan is useless. Sorry if the heater leaks your SOL???
What is the proper way to install?

Write up what? What is wrong with the water heater?

The fact that the water heater is technicaly installed in an interior area that could be damaged (I E. Finished basement) Since your supposed to have the water heater in a pan, what good is it in a underground finished basement

If an undetected leak could cause harm to the structure, I recommend the pan. Otherwise, I choose other battles.

Sometimes a pan just isn’t practical in a basement if the area is below ground. A pan is only required where damage would result from a leak. So, if it’s a concrete floor, then no need for a pan. If it’s finished, I let them know but I also let them know if it would be a huge undertaking to install a pan (like relocation of the water heater).

It should still be installed in a unfinished “utility area” of a finished basement, within a few feet of a drain (I don’t recall at the moment how close to, but something like 6 ft I’m thinking).

Most homes here have the water heater in the basement with a floor drain.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a pan.

That may be because they are always sitting on blocks much of the time.

I always make a note of it in my report. No pan, no drain in non occupant or unfinished space. Although it may be a typical installation, under circumstances it may cause interior finishing and or other damage if the HWT was to fail.

Obviously, if it is on a level other then the basement or garage, I recommend repair.

I believe it is best practice to have a drain near any HWT, period.