How's Business?

Seems like now is a good time to get a post-holiday pulse on how business is going for everyone. Share your hurdles, and let’s see if we can all come up with some winning solutions.

Picked up real good right after.

Best December on record. We’ll see what January brings. . .

Dec was very slow for us. Jan. we have been slaamed

Dec. was slow up here because of the flooding and wind storms,… I used that dead time to market myself and got in an office with 130 agents and forged a deal to get on their new electronic system where all the agents have to do is send me a email/ text message to initiate the home inspection process once mutual offer acceptance has been obtained. It automatically send me the client info/ MLS property info, etc. as a “Inspection Request” email/ text message, all I have to do is call the agent back to confirm a date and time. We’ll see how it pans out but you gotta love technology being employed these days!

Very slow last 3 weeks

Ditto…!!!..December…simply unreal…12 Hotels, 8 Restaurants, few office condo’s and a couple homes.

January has been just as good…I sure wish I felt better…have to turn some work away (to other inspectors), cannot keep the 1-2 inspections a day 7 days a week without ending up in the hospital…which is coming soon enough anyway for my dreaded surgery…:twisted:

Today …two Subway Sandwich Shops…tomorrow one Subway, and a 9,000 sq ft office building…Hopefully Brian Kelly is available for reinforcements…:smiley:

My questions are for the inspectors that are doing good or better then average.

Are you continually marketing or are your refferrals from past clients & word of mouth.

50% Referrals, 40% past clients, 10% websites.

Dale, I have noticed you inspect a lot of Subways, do you have any kind of corporate deal wit them? and if so, care to share it? We have many new Subways coming in around my area and I would love the work.

Record setting November, pretty good December, and January is starting off very well. I’m hear in Orlando, FL attending IR/INFO and still managed to schedule 15 inspections so far for this month.


OK December. Flat so far in January. Running on fumes. I guess I need to do some more marketing.

November was great. Not enough time to look up.
December died with storms and holidays.
January…Did I pay my phone bill? Only some consultations on remodels. Waiting for a couple sign arounds for later this week.

But it has left time to work on my new website. :shock:

Business doubled in January!! One in December, two in January. Hey, I’m new to this. Thrilled to be doing any.

December was slow. But thanks to mold inspections my numbers were still OK.
January seems to be the month of big homes. I have 5 this week with the smallest being 4,800 sq ft and the largest being 7,800 sq ft.
The beginning of the month was all foreclosures with a few of them being real bad.

All in all the market is way down…

Nice maserati in the garage yesterday on a pre-listing. Their new home will have a 12 car 2 story garage with pre-cast concrete floors.


first have of december was great… then it died… it was actually a welcomed break… but now… fairly dead as well… 1 last week, 1 this week… but have some filler draw inspections etc… to keep me “busy”…

found some competition has DROPPED their pricing 200-250 for upto 3000 sf in some cases… people go for the cheap inspections i guess… get what you pay for!

I have just started mine business here in Barrie Ontario I just received a call for mine first inspection so I’m batting 100 and hope to keep going. I do not want to go back to mine old job.

I have just started mine business here in Barrie Ontario I just received a call for mine first inspection so I’m batting 100 and hope to keep going. I do not want to go back to mine old job.

What are you mining?:stuck_out_tongue:

Dec. a little quiet, but January has been GREAT so far…a wonderful way to start the year. I’m excited. hope it continues.