It it slow or what?

The bottom fell out up here in the north section.
You guys getting any calls?

Not at all. I was wondering the same thing. Is it from the holidays or something? This is my first year, so I have no history to go off of.

I always get slow this time of year but, darm it is dead calm.

Slow slow slow…

I hate it!
I’ve done all I can do and now I’m playin’ internet checkers.

When does it pick back up? I’m assuming the beginning of the year?

Hi Travis, you have one of the best logo I’ve seen in a long time. Where did you get that done?

You also seem to have the cheapest price I’ve seen so far, how’s that working out for you? I’m not yet certified but I’m trying to gather stats as to what works best for inspectors.



Slow over here not one call this week.:frowning:

Same here…Back to internet checkers.:sad:

Still busy here in Jersey with 14 on the schedule this week. I’m sure the slow down is heading my way too.

We are doing at least one inspection a day right now (which is all I do as a one man band) and have a big commercial in Orlando, Fl next week,…we are busy !

I’m glad someone is.

When it gets hot and miserable out again :frowning:

I was very busy all year until Thanksgiving Week, which is typical. Business will start picking up in a few days. Typical holiday lag. Christmas to New Years will also slow down, then get ready for another great year… as long as inventory last!

Here is something entertaining to watch while we wait for the calls to start pouring in.

It’s normally slow up here but Ive got 2 scheduled every day this week.
2 commercial inspections on the schedule so far for next week.

Darn! My phone rang…bout scared me to death!
Booked one in Ocala.

Thanks David. I did the logo myself. As far as the prices, I’m pretty close to most guys around here, I am going to be adjusting some of my square footage and pricing at the beginning of the year.

Way to go Roy!

I agree with you also, next year is estimated to be a busier year as the fence sitters up north will be coming south after this years snow numbers.
REO’s will be involved also as the certificate of title holders will slowly dump their inventory as prices rise.
Now is a great time to do C.E. work and tweak any weak spots in your business.
It will get busy shortly as foreign money will continue to enter the market over the holidays.