HP Overfused?

Is overfused considered the serviceman switch rating or the main panel breaker for the heat pump? 65 amp at service man switch and 25 amp in main distribution panel. Max rating on data label = Max 30amp. I believe it is the breaker size in the panel.

Max Fuse or breaker 30 amp according to the plate. note in report.

You are correct.

As long as one of them is the correct size it is ok.

If the breaker in the main panel is 25 amps like you say… It’s fine. The 60 amp is just serving as a disconnect.

Is the 25 amp not undersized? And the 60 over?

Troy, it would have to be the one upstream, in the panel, that was sized per label. Don’t you agree? Otherwise, the wire would have to match the larger breaker and it would be over fused with the 60.
In the OP’s example the 60 at the unit is only being used as a disconnect switch whereas the 25 in the panel is protecting the wire and unit per label. That’s how I see it.

The boiler plate minimum circuit rating is 20.7 amps. So the 25 amp rated breaker is fine. The 60 amp rated disconnect won’t matter since the 25 amp breaker will trip before the load will approach 60 amps.


Wait,minimum requirements do not stand when maximum amperage is called for. If 20.7 is minimum then 30 amp is max, a 60 amp breaker is over, Correct?

What’s the OCPD rating in the panel for the branch circuit that supplies the A/C?

Thanks Guys!