HQS/HUD Inspections

Anyone familiar with doing these types of inspections in Texas? Do they require an additional certification also, even if I’m licensed by TREC.


You need to carefully review the requirements for such inspections. Being a TREC licensed inspector usually does not mean “squat” when it comes to the US Government inspections … IE: FHA, HUD, etc., etc…

They (FHA, HUD, etc.) have their own set of rules for obtaining the necessary credits and getting those approved inspector certifications. I used to have both the FHA and HUD 203K certifications, but had my name removed from their lists over the past year or two as I’m moving toward “semi-retirement”.

TREC also tends to try and exert their control over things that don’t apply to their domain, but you just have to be well versed in all those rules to make sure you keep yourself honest and not getting in the cross-hairs of a letter from TREC. I could share some speedbumps I encountered with HUD 203K projects and TREC that I went through and finally successfully resolved, but it did cause me a number of “headache” moments with TREC Legal.

Also what they required for many of those inspections result in a fair amount of liability and little compensation for the work involved.

I will hesitate to say that it works for some folks, but after 15 years of residential inspections it just didn’t work for me anymore.

Didnt see this post so I am way behind.
Am a VA, FHA, 203K consultant.
All of these have nothing to do with TREC qualifications.
Primarily they are code compliance inspections which means a code cert is needed.

Rodney …

Lot of things I’d do on a 203k inspection OR FHA compliance inspection would NOT meet home inspection standards OR they might exceed home inspection standards AND vice versa.

Like Mike said.