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house had an INT system previously installed, kept leaking, was sold, buyer sees some more mold and efflorescence on some blocks inside basement…
here’s why it leaked and you can see some efflorescence on exterior of wall :10 -:30 mark
–a long EXTERIOR horizontal crack down low, vertical cracks, corner-cracks and the other openings under and around the side door in first part of video

So if Quality Dwy or Hydro or Mid Atlantic etc told homeowner (and they do!) to install an INT system and sump pump then THEY did NOT “waterproof” any of the existing defects, exterior cracks, and they will not stop-prevent further mold & efflorescence (as i said an IDIOT told previous owner an INT drainage system was ALL that was needed)

Quite a bit of mold on inside wall at corner here, this short video shows WHY, where, the water first got into the hollow block wall at—hnear the corner n i’ll sat it again ONLY exterior waterproofing done & backfilled correctly will SOLVE these problems sheesh unreal

So i’m supposed to just go away and shut up and not try to inform some homeowners and agree with the masses who mistakenly claim , all that is needed is an interior drainage system? Or raise and slope the grade? Or mudjack slabs? Or paint the walls with Drylok? Or just add a 600 mile long downspout extension and so on, pfft. People are getting LIED TO & ripped off, can’t they see this!

Interesting read. First paragraph I ever read from that fellow I knew he was a lunatic.

bad day at the office Dan?

Please describe when you/others install an interior terd relief system, what does THAT do for the following…

duh SEE the ROOT, the root cracked the exterior of block wall n then the basement began to leak-seep at this corner, the water ONLY came in where the bottom of the wall and floor meet Dan, what say you big time?

same old negligent, incompetent LIARS Dan, see the loser INT system? Yeah, they did NOT stop the water from where it is actually first entering, duh! Duh!

Why did they install the INT system for BIG $$$ when the problems are exterior cracks in wall Dan?

See the homeowner Dan, he is not at all happy, basement continues to leak, more mold, efflorescence

That’s enough for the moment, what do you have to say Dan, why did these misfits, scamming, LYING companies-contractors install the INT systems when the prolems are exterior cracks in the friggin walls man?

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