Hydro Armor aka Dan OConnor umm bad review, beer cans

2:30 they tarred UP to siding, visqueen just hanging there… looks like they tried and NAILED some of it onto wall, unbelievable lolol.

Here’s what Hydro turd did on the inside of his basement… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdnrUnk29N4
So Dan was real professional huh? They cleaned up so well on the inside and outside, sheesh man… and he touts himself as the best? SHTttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt !!!

Another video same house, homeowner writes “Hydro Armor substandard work and damages to my home. Dan O Connor is a con artist, do not allow this to happen to you. Dan drinks a lot of beer…” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eeDgKVQDmw

Here’s Dan tearing out one interior basement drainage system and installing his crap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CL3CFwAkXI

Webby, first video… Dann-O, apparently you are part of the problem sir, yes… example, the basement you are in, a) some idiot previously installed an interior system b) now YOU are going to install your version of an inside basement system when…the problems, the water… is coming in through EXTERIOR cracks and–or cracked parging or no parging on the exterior wall! http://www.hydroarmor.com/video/ …near end of video, he is RIGHT about quite a few realtors, yeppers!!

Whats your point?

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You haven’t been around enough.

Mr. Bubber is one of the foremost authorities on basement water proofing. And it is not from the inside. :smiley:

Pay attention to his posts. He is a wealth of knowledge.

Too much for him to comprehend Larry, he can’t seem to fill out his profile information as he has been asked numerous times.

Keep on digging Bubba, and keep that H20 out :):wink:

lolololll okay guys, i’ll ummm, leave him be… sheesh.

Here’s a, ummm, ‘point’ per SOME, not all, home inspectors…video below.
Apparently the house and leaky basement is HIS… first minute or so he is inside the basement… at 1:20 you can see a step crack in BRICKS and a VERTICAL crack in bricks… so he has 1 or 2 or more exterior cracks in his stupid basement wall and so THOSE are part of his problem, it’s where some water is entering into the cores/cells of the block F wall in this area and then that water comes out onto his stupid basement floor where the bottom of the basement wall and floor MEET, got it? Huh? Yeah **** sure, if his stupid sump pump needs some TLC etc then fix the sucker but THAT… the sump, has nothing to do with why water is entering through exterior cracks in his block F wall https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmLo7Q6Tllc

5:25 he says, he is in a good situation… his house sits up on a little hill and says he has excellent grading and says he has downspouts away from duh house, says he is doing everything your supposed to and the basement still leaks… lol!

No baby no, you are NOT doing everything your supposed to because…you still get water in, fix your lousy pipe, fix the stupid sump and… you need exterior waterproofing…at least in the one area of front, likely more.

This is HIS house, since he apparently doesn’t understand what the heck to really do to fix his problems then how in the world is he helping his clients correctly on this-subject!

Oh, loool, his raised flower beds, bad idea imo. More weight against the F wall, never good idea, walls were not built to withstand added weight…and, did he seal the bricks and mortar joints where his raised the lousy grade? Bubba needs a drink.

Some here have said Bubba hate’s home inspectors, sheesh lol NOT the case man. Most HI’s I’ve met are good peeps. Have had some real bad encounters with a few HI’s around Michigan, one was doing a home inspection before Bubba got there to give the homeowner an estimate on her leaky basement, she had a few vertical cracks in her F walls.

Anyways lol, when Bubb’s got there the HI was coming outside and the first thing he says to me (homeowner was right next to me) was, ‘Hey, all you waterproofers are scams, you lie to homeowners when ALL they need to do is raise and slope their grades’… loooool. Little did the penis know that this homeowner was a good, former neighbor who trusts Bubba and yeah, i wanted to punch the dork but i let him ruffle his feathers and walk off crying.

So here (video) is another home inspector, prolly a good guy and may indeed be a good HI however, in his video he talks some shtt…
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHb6DPxTflM his title, ‘Home Inspector discusses foundation crack types’

:50 vertical crack, the HI says it is a shrinkage crack and he says to patch it (on inside!) and monitor it.

These vertical cracks can be caused by several things, one being lateral SOIL pressure or underground tree roots. And slapping some mortar on the inside/patching it does NOTHING! It’s a block wall, hello, wrong answer.

2:00 he shows and talks about a step crack near corner (it leaks, look at it lool) he says these step cracks are usually due to settling. That is not what we have repeatedly seen for nearly 40 yrs, nope.

Where are some HI’s getting their info, supposed facts from, huh? And they pass this crap on to unknowing homeowners, BUYERS!! Tell them to patch n monitor? Scare em and tell them the house/wall is settling? Do some homework would you please

Example videos, this block wall has TWO STEP cracks that one can see inside, along with other cracks, it leaks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsxGRQbf_Nc

Same house on the OUTSIDE, what … CAUSED the cracks in block foundation walls??? Tree roots! WHY did the basement leak along the bottom of wall and floor? Because there are exxxxxterior cracks in the block foundation walls! PATCH n MONITOR, SETTLING??? loollll omfg

When some HI’s say crap like patch the crack and ummmm, watch it, many of them are BUYERS. You are giving them imo the wrong answers, you aren’t helping them at all on issues like these.

Here’s the same house now dug out and roots removed… multiple exterior cracks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ohgv0YPOrXc

That house with tree roots, leaky basement etc… that owner had other supposed experienced and honest waterproofing contractors over, they ALL told the owner that he needs beams OR wall anchors and an interior system!!@#$@!@#%&^***((()(***__ that would have cost him $5,000----$10,000, we did the shtttty azz job for $2,100.

So for $2,100 he had the CAUSE removed… kind of important huh, lol, and he had all the cracks in that area waterproofed n backfilled correctly.
Bubba asks ya’s, what would the owner have got if he opted for beams/wall anchors and an interior system for $5,000+ ???

Well he is waiting to make enough money with this video to pay for the repairs Bubba. LOL
It’s been 4 years, I wonder if it is fixed by now. :wink:

loool Marcel, I’ve watched all his leaky basement/foundation cracks videos, fairly skeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry, he could do so much better, err umm, help his clients much better but there Bubb’s goes again, pardon me

Marcel, the Bubba guy is the same guy in his fake video. Here’s a real review

John Bubber my ass. You are the same jackass in the bullshit fake video you made. Steve Williams. what a dush… here’s reality. https://youtu.be/N0ao3W-KD8E

John Bubber/Stave WILLIAMS. What is your problem? All Contractors have liability Insurance. I saw Dan’s rebuttal video to this made up fake one of your. You put up No Trespassing Signs and wouldn’t let him finish because you didn’t have the money to pay him. You obviously have a mental problem. You should thank him for not suing you. https://youtu.be/N0ao3W-KD8E

hey dipshtt, wrong video penis head, wake the fk up azz hole, tired of you lying, cheating scammers, g damn cry babies when called out on the scams, here’s the video of the piece of shtt, weak sorry azz job he did https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKVtWdCHDmA

Here you go Steve. The beginning of my expose your life series

I’ll be posting and uploading video upon video of every skeleton in your closet. Series Title: Steve Williams - the life and times of a deranged, demented, delusional creepy little man. Like it? Or, you can take your videos down and save yourself lots -

Hope u all don’t mind too much but I’m going to be bashing Steve Williams aka john bubber with a video after video. If you’ve seen his lying bullshit video about me well here’s my rebuttal, long overdue. I’ve over 160+ videos on my youtube channel ( hydroarmor systems - Daniel J OConnor ) and am quit respected. For whatever reason this site has tremendous Google authority and kooky boy’s video comes up a lot. This video I made explains it all and I hope you enjoy iSteeve Williams aka deranged, demented creepy little mant. - Daniel J OConnor

And here’s the real reality video.

I do accept apologies. - Daniel J OConnor

We do mind. It is not professional or wanted here. Be a man and take to him directly and work it out…sheesh!

As Larry said, this is not the place.

To be fair to Dan, John Bubber bashes people with abandon here on the forum. He’s been bashing people for years.

This is my answer to his attack on STEVE WILLIAMS or JOHN BUBBER! Take all the untrue ones down, would be fair.