House foundation repair, hmmm :-k
All due respect gents

1:15 best to backfill with all gravel, your going to have x-amount of settling in the coming months. #-o(Says pavers will be put back in this area)

1:35 tar/roofing cement (whatever!)… didn’t bring it ALL the way UP, not good. Also no visqueen etc over most of it, not good. (don’t see it at the end of video either) #-o

3:15 used Delta dimpled membrane against ‘part’ of basement wall #-o

3:55 ummm, SOME water will hit side of house/the wall.

10:50 water line, hope you guys used hydraulic cement AND thick tar (whatever) and visqueen over/around the ENTIRE area here.

11:35 backfilling the rest, still don’t see the tar etc all the way up, maybe they did but just saying, very important to bring it all the way up. NO delta membrane, no visqueen on this side of basement wall, not good.

In the Beginning/M Blues …Bubba think, Bubba think Bubba am…therefore Bubba am, Bubba thinks #-o

It’s always an entertaining time reading your posts.
Keep em coming ,
I find foundation problems just like what you rant about weekly
even two this week alone.

Them downspouts sure are hard to get correct for homeowners and contractors
I see their absence destroy foundations or damage them severely all the time.

I see you’re a fellow Michigander…kudos.

A 2200 sq ft condo in Ann Arbor I did yesterday morning in 0 degree conditions.

Failing foundation walls…

The usual suspect ,downspout extensions are MIA

keep on patching the cracks boys…surely they’ll stop leaking some day .:smiley:
it’s a game of insanity…

I 'd better advise an installation on an internal floor drainage system, that’ll fix er… Bubba ya gots any recommendations ? :wink:

“Be it sight, sound, the smell, the touch, there’s something inside that we need so much” :-k

Hello Mr. McGrath 'n thanks for the wonderful photos sir :wink:

Yes sir, the great lake state with waaaaaaaaaaaay too many inside system company turds, much like Ohio etc.

Foundation Turds of Michigan or B Dry turds or Ever-turds-r-dry would jump at that job in a minute but not for less than $7,000…got milk?

How’s business for you Mr. McGrath?

Kevin, did the homeowner say anything about cracks or where that supposed warm n fuzzy feelin’ LIFETIME guarantee is? :-k

Maybe the same turds that were there/Ann Arbor did this inside system job, maybe on duh same day :mrgreen:

If you care to, Bubba is here to help homeowners in Ann Arbor, wherever…tired of seeing 'em get scr_wed.

Departure/Ride my see-saw …“The sight of a touch or the scent of a sound or the strength of an Oak with roots deep in the ground” :-k