Hey Mark, thought u might like this one. It’s all hand dug. I was wondering, since all your work is hand dug, do you have a custom made shovel? Like, monogramed brass handle or something?

Hey, still waiting for name and address of your Company. I can wait. You must be busy digging out a foundation by hand with you custom made shovel. - Daniel J OConnor

Continuing the discussion from Hydro Armor aka Dan OConnor umm bad review, beer cans:

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Give it a break dude… :roll_eyes:




Agree with these two guys! :slight_smile:


But are you stirring a White Russian??? :thinking:





You are now a “Official Dude Member” …I’m working on a logo for your credentials…same with Larry…


I’m sorry, I do not know you or where you are.
What city & state do you live in.


“Most of my Foundation Structural Repair jobs r the kind no one wants”

Think about the wording on this … :thinking:

Daniel J OConnor - N.J. Contractor since 1977
I’m Daniel J OConnor, founder and owner of Hydroarmor Systems and yeah, the guy in the videos. Most of my Foundation Structural Repair jobs r the kind no one wants. Most Engineers walk away from them also. The only way to know how to fix them is by taking things apart and figuring it out. That’s what I do. After I figure it out I call my Engineer who confirms and draws it all up. I love doing these kind of jobs. Love the Challenge.

I’m with Junior, Larry and Tom! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, give it a break? A false video of me and my Company was put on You Tube. Job 80% finished and when I wanted a next payment the guy put up no trespassing signs and made the video to keep me from suing. Owed me $18K which I wrote off no big deal. Water under the Bridge.

That Is Not The problem. John Bubber loaded it on this site and had lots to say about me 3 years ago. After my initial anger I let it go and forgot about it. The problem is THIS SITE HAS EXTREEM INTERNET SEARCH AUTHORITY. Mine is an extreme high profile Company. Dominate You Tube. 160 Videos. I do not pay anything for marketing or advertising. All my business comes from You Tube. Because this site has so much authority if u search Hydroarmor that video comes up. Out of my 160 videos that comes up. I am now loosing hundreds of thousands of dollars. And the longer it stays on this site the higher it will rank. And it’s a false video.

Give it a rest? I haven’t uploaded a video for over a year and my Authority was fading so I put one up. Suddenly the fake video started showing up more. I tracked it back to this site and found a Mark Anderson uploaded it and spewed off some nonsense. By opening that forum it fueled the Fake Video again. I hope you all can understand that I can not give it a rest now until that video link is off this site.

Please know it is not about ego. Been making my videos since before there was a You Tube and only to educate my customers when I did an estimate. There was really no other use for You Tube. Who knew it would become what it is.

You Tube search Basement Waterproofing NJ and I dominate. Daniel J OConnor. Search Basement Waterproofing without the NJ and that fake video was coming up. Search Hydroarmor it comes up. Out of my 160 videos? My Jobs? My Work? My reputation I’ve built throughout my entire life? 44 years of Construction and being in business without ever being sued or letting anyone down? Or having anything like this fake video take me down?

I haven’t always done waterproofing. I use to design and build. 2 of my jobs were in Better Homes and Gardens. A 9200 sq ft house I gutted, redesigned and put back together in1985 and one of my Kitchens1991. Yes, long ago but that’s the kind of workmanship I do. My first business was in 1977, Roofing and Aluminum Siding. There was no vinyl then.

Can you all understand why I can not let this go? You may not realize how much effort it takes to make a video and they were never about ego or fame. Only Education. 160 videos spanning over 15 years and the fake video out ranks them all?

I’m 63 years old and have worked with my hands on jobs all my life. My Company has been running itself recently and I’ve been able to start enjoying life. I’ve earned it. To enjoy my life. Not have someone with a single fake video destroy it.

And hey Tom. I meant no one wants them because they are nearly impossible or can’t do them at all. And Junior, Larry and Tom. 1974, 75, 76 there was a lot of Construction in my area. I wanted to be a Carpenter not sit in a class room. I left High School 1975 my Junior Year. I myself have created my web site, sales, documents all of everything about my Company. I don’t know what’s wrong with the wording. Can anyone say anything nice for goodness sake? - Daniel J OConnor

p.s. ever find mold issues? Treating Mold

Because of the Internet authority on this site I have to upload a few of mine to counteract the fake one. I do have many which are pertinent to many subjects. On all my videos there are lots of wonderful comments but here on this site it’s been bash and trash DanO time. All good though, no worries. I’m sure someone might get something out of them. I wish u all a great day. - Daniel J OConnor

Don’t be afraid, just answer the question.


Hydroarmor Systems - 191 Yorktown Rd. Woolwich NJ 08085. My address is on all my Contracts and all over the Internet. When Googled my next door neighbors house shows up. Why? Don’t know. I’m to the left, grey. My area is New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania and I should rephrase “the everyone” to everyone in my area.

My Home address is Company address. Over 3 thousand jobs all with same warranty. Everyone knows what I look like and where I live. Put’s my money where my mouth is? We do 3 to 5 jobs per week and yes I’m going to have a complaint or two I haven’t gotten to yet but I do get to them all.

I’ll be using this site as intended here on out. Leaving Marc to his crusade.

I see u r a Mold Assessor. I don’t go there, Assessing or Inspecting but I’ve done a few jobs for Real Estate Home Buyers who got screwed by sellers. Two videos and I would like to know your thoughts.

Real Estate Buyers Beware - Wet Moldy Basements & What to Look For - Revealed by Hydroarmor

As you know, everything Internet is about key words. Headings on videos must include key words. It’s as much about marketing as it is Education. Keywords: Real Estate - Buyers - Wet - Mold - Basement and I have to work in Hydroarmor. I always have to end with - Daniel J OConnor Exactly. must start with the dash - , no period after J , No comma between OC

I’ve not paid for advertising for many years. Everything is organic. I started making videos for estimates only, before there was a You Tube. ( photo bucket ) I could never have imagined You Tube would become what it is. - Daniel J OConnor

why don’t you stay on the same thread, you arrogant chump.

DannYYY, go back to that thread, see the photos of the bowed in basement wall and see the exterior cracks in the wall AND lol see some deteriorated-disintegrated ext-blocks, see the clay that was against the wall, and roots.

YOU apparently on most jobs from what i can tell in watching quite a few of your vid’s, do NOT like to do exterior waterproofing which, is what was NEEDED in order to remove the clay soil etc off the wall aka lessen the lateral pressure off the wall, and when you install your dirtbag INT drainage systems you also don’t seal-repair-waterproofing any of the ext-cracks in these wall, hence you do not STOP further water from entering these basements, at best… you can only divert the incoming water = you also didn’t help a potential mold, radon situation in those basements u big sorry az army helmet!

Yeah DannYYYyyyYYYYyIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, when you install your version of an interior water-diverting system, you tell homeowners when this system is installed correctly inside (pffttt) IT relieves lateral pressure which is a lie, a misrepresentation , n why do you/others shuffle these types of lies around? Because you want to install an INT system, it’s easier and you make more $$$ all the while, it was NOT what was best for the foundation wall and homeowner

ill post a few of the same dang photos since you started this friggin thread, moron
SEE the disintegrated EXT blocks Dan? duuh

same house, same wall, see the bowed in wall that had multiple ext-cracks and other gaps/openings on the exterior of the dumb wall

and see the expansive clay soil, roots n concrete that caused the problems Dan

soooooooooo, when YOU install a butt-head INT basement drainage system and 55 sump pumps, that crap does not, did not remove-reduce-relieve the ext-pressure/weight off the dang wall and didn’t seal any of the ext cracks and distegrated blocks that had allowed the water to get in!

The fun has just begun Dan, i was just beginning to get cozy WITCH ya, i was going to watch more of your videos loooll

“Real estate buyers, BEWARE”

Carpenters, 'We’ve only just begun… to lie. so many homeowners to rip off…"

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Thank you.
In Florida the licensed mold assessor details protocol, directing the licensed remediator how to proceed with the cleaning.
Don’t know if NJ is a licensed state.

one of Unc Dan’s videos, this one is shorter so there is a bit less arrogant crap we have to stomach

:05 mark, Dan says/claims, “Whenever you do an outside job you’re going to destroy the yard”

NOT at all true again Danny, no sireeeeeeeeeeeeee buddy boy, hmmm, Dan i think needs to watch a few other EXT contractors jobs to see that what Dan claims in this video is indeed a bunch of sht, just another misrepresentation of the facts.

What Daniel should have stated imo is, HE destroys peoples yards if n when he does an ext waterproofing job, ya dig?

1:30 on the weekend Dan says he enjoys a couple beers… lol, NO… no way, say it ain’t true

Does the cool dog have to pick up your beer cans Dan?


My name is Dan OConnor - Name of my Company Hydroarmor Systems - address 191 Yorktown Rd Woolwich NJ 08085. I have 160 videos on my You tube Channel and 50K+ Subscribers.

I’ve asked you the name of your Company? No answer. Address? No answer. True name? Mark Anderson/Bubba/Lucifer.

You demand no pressure relief waterproofing system can be done from the interior yet hundreds of millions of buildings and homes have interior waterproofing systems. There are Hundreds of thousands of Waterproofing Companies, all do most of there waterproofing from inside.

You demand they are all wrong. That the only way to do waterproofing is from the outside. You state u r in business for over 40yrs and all your jobs r exterior and you only dig out foundations by hand?

To be in business 40 years, know everything there is to know and have never made a mistake or gotten a complaint, you should be very, very proud of your Company and want everyone to know your name. I would think you would also want everyone to know the address and area you work. You would b known by all and people would be honored to watch you and your hand held shovel as you heroically dig out their Foundation by hand. You would be the busiest Waterproofing Contractor of the modern world. Green team conservationists would shout out your name from on high for your 40 years of keeping it green and not using fossil fuels…

With all of mankind proclaiming you to be the all knowing, all seeing and the all of all Companies of such God like proportion, how the heck do you have so much time to be here on this site spewing off opinions and bashing anyone you feel threatened by?

Do you recall what I said about my contacting powers that be? Have you noticed most of your posts have been removed? Is it possible for you to realize this web site is not here for your personal vendettas, ranting crusades and or vindictive attacks upon whomever your choose?

Ask yourself this, have any of your posts in the past ever been removed? No? Why now? If your recent posts have been removed wouldn’t you think a power that be might be going back to look at all your posts and seeing how you abuse so many people who are here to learn and get advice? If that were true might you consider you are now being observed? That your use of more than one name and account might be in question? Your intensions? Motives? I do wonder if it is at all possible that you yourself might be removed from this site?

Just saying… - Daniel J OConnor

He who casts the first stone throws the biggest rock.

Look who returned from funny farm to reply when he himself said a week or so ago on this thread and a diff-thread that, i’m not worth the trouble replying to and i’m all mouth (lol!) and i need a 12 step program and quite a few other nimrod statements.

Dan, are you consuming alcohol? It’s okay i guess, just asking

I put PHOTOS on here (above) and videos on a diff-thread and i showed you and then asked, Mr Lighter than Air guy, about the facts that when HE, or other interior drainage system companies sell and install INT systems aka pressure relief systems and the homeowners actual problems, causes and solution is on the exterior (duh see photos and videos!!!), why would he-others install something that cost A LOT of money and does not ‘relieve-reduce-remove’ lateral pressure against foundation walls AND doesn’t seal-waterproof the exterior cracks etc that are allowing the water in, WHY oh fart me WHY would ANY ‘honest and experienced’ contractor do that? That is not what is best for the homeowners and not what is best for their foundation walls and leaky basements rather, it’s… what’s best for the company that installs them

See, you again MISQUOTE what i said and what i know… you just wrote, that I said, No pressure relief waterproofing system can be done from inside’, Wrrrrrong Dan, misquoting me big time, fool go back and READ what i said

And your other claims of what i said are also TWISTED, sheesus, what a dirtbag liar misquoting what i wrote. Go back, read, sip your beer and THINK. (and put your dang empties in the trash Dan!)

Dan, here are 2-short videos, please describe what YOU would do, describe what YOU would recommend to these 2 homeowners, go ahead, should be EASY for ya


WAITING on Dan, aka Hydro dude who has 50k subscribers and 160 videos to THOROUGHLY explain to anyone who watches the 2 videos i just slapped on, what Dan would do-recommend in those 2 situations which by the way, MANY other homeowners have the same, similar problems, there ya go Dan, YOU have floor!!! Some of your subscribers would likely want to hear from YOU Dan, what should they do if they have the problems that are in those 2 videos?