HUD Consultants

I have been reading about the “HUD 203k” loan Consultant program and wondered if it was really worth it? Apparently folks getting a HUD 203k loan must use an “approved” consultant / inspector in the process. I was interested if any other inspectors were involved in the 203k loan process and if you had any advice you may have.

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In my opinion it is always “worth it” to work for HUD no matter what it is…

I don’t know if it is worth it, but with nothing else going on I am sending in an app tomorrow.

Thanks for the advice Frank.
I hand carried my application to the HUD office in Denver and within 3 business days I was on the Roster as an approved Consultant.

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Colorado Springs HUD 203k Consultant

Do you know anything about “qualification” needed, if any, for HQS Inspections