HUD Home

What is this and how does it work. The arms are each attached to a support beam on this doublewide, and it is not anchored into the ground, just sits on top. Supposedly some new system, which explains why I haven’t seen one. I don’t do many manufactured homes. Thanks guys.

There should be a concrete footing underneath that steel plate. It looks like a product of Minuteman Products, Inc. Check out to learn more.

Brian, do you see a lot of manufactured in your area. I hardly see any here. This was just a photo inspection for me and sending pics to an engineer. This was my 2nd trip and this was the fix. My feeling is they should be anchored, right?

No problem with this type of anchor, it is an engineered ground system made by Minuteman (LLBS System with ground plate) if it is; it needs 4 corner pegs or it could be a Xi2 Ground System by Vector Dynamics


Thanks Gary. this one looked a bit different from those, but I think you are in the ballpark. thanks again.

Here is another system from Oliver Technologies, their 1100 Series.


Hey Ian,
I’ve seen about 1/2 dozen. Out of those I have seen 2 w/ similar anchoring system. The others have been 10" thick concrete slabs that the homes are sat on.