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Has anyone heard of these guys. I got a call they said they found me on the nachi site and were looking for inspectors
$100.00 per 7 pt. inspection
need drug test(inspector pays), background check(they pay), and Training($150.00 inspector pays)

From what I understand JVI and ARA were just awarded the contracts to do these in Florida, something to do with the Citizen base of properties.
Happy Inspecting

The state hasn’t even put out a request for proposals yet. So I doubt that anyone has been awarded a contract at this time.

There are no updates on their web site. I think that many companies are scrambling now to obtain a list of possible inspectors. I have looked at a few contracts that these companies are asking inspectors to sign now. Make sure that you read the fine print.

Gerry is working on this program for NACHI members through Sky Tec. I would suggest that you wait for something from him before paying another company for training. To the best of my knowledge there isn’t even a training program in place yet.

Know anything about ?

Hi to all,

I have been trying to find time to post something on this all morning.

The Skyetec proposal that I was working on has not been initially succesful in landing a contract for the pilot scheme of this program, and at 3 PM EST yesterday Flash informed 2 other vendors that they would be being issued contracts.

I have to thank Skyetec and in particular Ted Nelson (Skyetec’s President) and Eric Webb (Skyetec Account Manager) for their support of NACHI in this area, I would also like to publicaly thank the deliberately unnamed members who I was able to discuss this project with. Needless to say we are somewhat disappointed to be passed over at this time.

Having said all that we put in a very strong proposal and at this time only the pilot scheme contract has been awarded, we were asked if our name could be passed to the winning bidders at this time as they will undoubtedly require further inspectors. This project has a 3 year lifespan and as they say anything can happen.

Skyetec and NACHI are still moving ahead with the seperate projects in other business areas.



Thanks for the update Gerry.

I am amazed that the state awarded a bid without having a RFP.

Sorry that it didn’t work out for you as I am sure you put a lot of time and effort into it.

Hi Bruce

That is the portal that another vendor was directing potential inspectors to.

Hi Greg,

They did isue an RFP, but the timescale for getting it in was very tight we had less than 10 days from start to finish, the RFP’s had to be in no later than 5 PM on August 7th, they evaluated them on the 8th and notified the contractors yesterday, we worked on it of and on all week and Eric drove it over to Tallahassee on Monday afternoon.




As we also have a statewide affiliate network in Florida, we prepared a detailed response to the RFP as requested by FLASH. I spoke to Leslie Chapman-Henderson today, the President and CEO of FLASH, for a considerable time and she confirmed that the contracts were awarded to both ARA and JVI yesterday.

The time constraints were very tight but they are on plan as far as the timing laid out in the RFP.

Leslie was very excited about the project and looking forward to getting the pilot study under way.