JVI Appraisal Division, LLC

Has anyone in Florida received a call from this company regarding doing inspections for them?
They are doing Hurricane Damage Mitigation Inspections for the state of Florida.
Any help would be appreciated.
Just wondewring if they are on the up and up.

Hey Stephen,

They are on the up and up. Looks like that might be the most work any of us will have for a while.

Yeah they’re on the up and up. They contacted me about three months ago and right away wanted personal info like SS numbers etc. I was a little leary but I found out about the program and went along with it. It turns out they’re for real. It’s amazing they’re still calling inspectors. The last two training classes were packed. By the time they train another 300 inspectors the work will be spread a little thin. At first they were saying how busy we would be but I honestly can’t see how that’s possible by the time they get everyone trained. You never know though. Hopefully they’re right.

I was worried about the SS number thing also. I usually don’t give it out unless they are going to send me a SS check, LOL.
Thanks everyone for the reply.

Has anyone gotten the ‘official word’ on the fee we will be getting for these inspections?

No company that you do contract work for should need your ssn. They need only have you TIN (taxpayer identification number). That’s all anyone I do contract work for ever needs. Are you signing on with this co. as an employee or contractor?

They need it to do a criminal backround check. They might be doing a level 2 also which involves finger printing.It’s a state program so they want to make sure that pedophiles and rapists aren’t entering homes with the blessing of the state.

OK then. That makes sense.

Initially Daisy Melendez of JVI told me that the inspection fees would be $100 and more in some cases. Today I received notification from Philip Nation of JVI that the fees will be $85. I wonder what they will be next month.

I was told the same thing from Daisy. Already we lost $15 per inspection and we haven’t even started yet !! Also, we have to pay for the power port fees for every inspection. ( I think it’s called power port )

I was kind of bummed that I missed getting onboard for those inspections, but maybe not after reading this…

It is a shame that these vendors don’t pay more for our services. They are getting 150 from the State for these inspections. It is better than what some previous vendors paid in the past.

Has anyone actually started doing these ? Last month they told me that we’d get started at the end of the month. Last week they told me we’d be started within two weeks.

I was happy to have gotten in on these, but it’s turning out that they may be more trouble than they’re worth…which is appartently $85 now. Add into this equation:

Full day lost to Training
$100 for Zircon MT6 (which they said is required)
$100 for scanner (handwritten reports must be submitted as pdf)
JVI Insurance Requirements
Fee’s to submit report through InspectionPort

I’m not going to turn a profit until I’ve done 15 to 20 of these and no one can give me any idea how many I can except.

“The percentage you’re paying is too high priced While you’re living beyond all your means And the man in the suit has just bought a new car From the profit he’s made on your dreams” ~ Steve Windwood

I don’t know of any insurance requirements. As far as I know they left general liability up to us. I wasn’t told anything about any other requirements. I haven’t given them any insurance information and they told me I was good to go.

That’s what I thought too. I got an email from Phillip Nation last week which had the specific requirements for General Liability and Vehicle Liability Insurance. I don’t have time to locate it now, but I will repost it later. It was very specific and it indicated that JVI must be a Certificate Holder for your insurance before you would be given any inspections.

Here are the requirements:

The insurance requirements set forth by the state are below. If your company meets the required coverage shown below please provide a copy of your certificate for the time being. Please do not forget that JVI will have to be an additional Certificate Holder for you to receive work.

Wind Mitigation Inspection Insurance Requirements

It has been determined that the required Insurance Coverage is as follows:

  1.  Workman’s Compensation (as required by the State of Florida) with Employer’s Liability Insurance with Statutory Limits, or a copy of Workman’s Compensation Exemption.
  2.  Comprehensive General Liability Insurance with a comprehensive form of coverage for at least $300,000.00 per occurrence with JVI as an additional Certificate Holder with a 30 day notice of expiration.
  3.  Comprehensive Automobile Liability Insurance with a minimum amount of $200,000.00/person, $500,000.00 /accident for bodily injury, and $20,000.00/accident for property damage with JVI as an additional Certificate Holder with a 30 day notice of expiration.

This program looks like a bigger pile of crap everyday. They should be paying 3-400 for each inspection with requirements like that.

Hi to all,

Just a fast note on the subject, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet the contract that JVI is working under is ONLY for the pilot scheme.

The whole programe re-ups in November, needless to say the situtation is being watched and discussions are taking place to further NACHI members interests.