Hurricane Clips and Rafters

Hello everyone,

I’m seeking guidance from experienced inspectors. I’m required to install hurricane clips on my home for insurance purposes. While I’ve received contractor quotes, they’re beyond my budget, so I’ve decided to handle the installation myself.

My home is quite old, and the rafter setup is unique; I haven’t found anything similar online. I’ve attached a picture and a sketch for reference. The rafters end on a top plate, which sits atop the ceiling joists, and those joists rest on another top plate. Which top plate should I attach the rafter to? Should the ceiling joists be attached as well? I’m quite puzzled.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Thank You!

Did you try people like this?

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Here is the sketch of what i think the construction is like

The rafters appear to be 2 x 4’s? Also, what is the spacing on the rafters?

The spacing is 24in

My best advice is to contact Simpson Strong Tie and ask them if they have a retrofit solution for your particular setup.

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I’ve never heard of an insurance company “requiring” clips. Usually it is just a discount if you have them.


Good chance you’ll do it wrong, and won’t get any “credit” for the work at all.
Hire it out and get it done correctly.


Correct, my apologies I wasn’t clear. I mean I am required to install them for the discount.

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I did an estimate and even if i did it wrong, i could still do it again and be under what the other contractors are quoting me. They all say this is a very unique roof design and they haven’t seen one like it.

Do what Dominic said.


One of the above is true. Which one?

In my experience, this style is not so much unique as it is typically only found in homes around the 1920-30’s era. There may not be that many still standing in your area and the ones that are may not qualify for the discount based on this particular design.

I will be interested in your discovery. Please keep us updated.