Another wind mit question

What would you FL guys do in this situation?
I did an inspection about a month ago, older home, was just toe-nailed…
Roof was at end of life, so I told the client that when the roofers replace the roof, they should pay a little extra to have clips installed to save $$ on insurance. (which now is very significant, can be a couple thousand a year just for clips vs nails)
Here is how the roofers installed the clips, and finished the roof…
I did not inspect during the process, didnt even know it was being done, until the realtor sent me the pics to update the wind mit report.

What do you see wrong?

The wind mit form does not specifically ask how the clips are installed, it just asks if the clips are installed to the truss with 3 nails, and attached to the top plate… wondering if I should just submit it and see if the underwriting says anything about it?

“…wondering if I should just submit it and see if the underwriting says anything about it?” No.
It’s installed incorrectly. Still “Toe nails”. It’s the installer’s problem. Don’t make it yours by passing it.

This is just a clip, it will not pass.

Looks like a Simpson Strong Tie clip.

A ‘clip’ still gives a substantial discount on the hurricane insurance, because it has at least 3 nails in the truss.
But it is installed to the top of the plate, not on the side of it. If there were significant wind uplift, it would probably just pull those nails right out, since they are nailed from the top.
BUT, interestingly enough, the wind mit says nothing about that… It just states “secured to truss with 3 nails” and “attached to the top plate of the wall framing”

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side of the top plate I usually do not see

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Correct. But you would typically see if it was attached to the top like these are. I will tell the client they are wrong, but at this point, it cant be fixed… the roof is done. Unless they tear off the soffits everywhere. Just wondering if I should submit the wind mit anyways, or if that puts me at liability risk, since the form says nothing about placement.

IMO it is OK & would submit the form, just answer the questions :cowboy_hat_face:


Hey Daniel, when I was doing Wind Mits down in Fla that Strong Tie was considered just a clip. Sometimes depending on the insurance company there would be some discount and sometimes not. The best way to get a discount and a full one was to have a strap that wrapped around with the proper nailing on both sides.

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Yes, that was my concern. I told the client that in regards to a hurricane, I dont think these clips would do a darn thing, because the uplift could just pull those nails right out.

Simpson’s installation sheet for that clip show it in different configurations which all have the top plate nailed only into its side and not on the top. I’d email Simpson and ask for their opinion.

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