HVAC and rain gutters

A new one for me:

hvac system sitting on rain gutters…this is in the attic

the system was rattling like hell when I ran it!

Ran out of supplies??? Now the roofing guy is pissed.

Is that strong enough?

do you guys not have Aux pans over there?:smiley:

Those are not rain gutters they are stands for the system. Very common I see them all the time. From the picture one of the stands has a neoprene/rubber pad on it to stop the rattling. In many cases the blower door or burner covers are not set on properly and that is what usually rattles.


Second picture shows a pan.


opps, I knew I should have had my coffee:D

well lets see I happen to have been doing gutter for oh about 15 years now so do you think I know what a gutter is when I see one…you need to look at the end cap picture a little harder…yes I have seen what you are talking about and these are not them!

Here’s another equipment rail / curb.

As far as if it was a rain gutter, definitely is unique. Maybe rain gutter is cheaper than 10’ rail sections?:stuck_out_tongue:

brandonthomas 031.jpg

Never seen em…yet…

I’ve seen the one in Tim’s picture, but never gutter, which is typically 26-28 gauge steel. I guess the end cap would stiffen it, but I would prefer to see a rail made for the purpose, which would likely be a heavier gauge.

How did you write it up Brian?