HVAC condensation line in attic. Add PVC Coupling question

I occasionally will get a clog in my evaporator line even though I pour bleach down it 2x a year. Is it legal or code approved for me to cut out a 2- 4 inch section of the pipe which is 1 inch PVC and use screw on PVC compression fitting or perhaps use rubber tubing with screw tightened clamps on the end?

This is a residential house with your normal slow-flowing evaporator condensation line to the outside.

The reason for this is so that I can then better get to any clogs with an auger. I cannot do so now since the PVC pipe connects through a P-trap to the HVAC unit and there are no removable sections.

Thank you very much
Peter in North Carolina

Go for it.

You should install one of these it will solve your problem.
Search for AC Condensate trap or cleanout