HVAC fire codes for garages

Chapter 3 in the IRC specifies only rigid metal duct for hvac in garage installs.
I cannot find this here in the most recent FL code book. I also have guys looking at me like I sprouted 2 heads.
Can anyone direct me on this, or can we install anything we want, including wooden return boxes, in garages of new construction.

I found it. 302.5.2 Interesting, no one installed duct boards in the garages it TN. Everyone had to use metal after 2006. Are wood returns not flammable? I guess wrapped in duct board on the interior they are not. Looks like the codes are the same, with the exception that they added 1" duct board into the FL code.
They sure love their duct board down here.

The Florida code is full of exceptions. When I took an ICC course, the instructor kept saying, “Yes I know, but this is the International code, not the Florida code.”

Firewall rating from the garage is not a requirement in the Florida residential code unless specified on the plans by the Architect. Including ductwork. That’s why they were looking at you like you sprouted 2 heads. That code only applies to fire rated assemblies, and being that the Florida Building Code does not require a 1hr fire rating of the garage separation wall in a residential structure, you are quoting it wrong.

I guess two heads are not better than one after all :wink:

Look wise azz, I wasn’t even asking about firewall ratings in the garage I was asking about ducts. I then found the answer and posted the specific code.
When does FL not require a separation barrier? GO blow stupidity up someone else s butt.

So was I, that code only applies to fire-rated assemblies. Think of it like this, the duct/supply plenum only has to be metal for a fire rating if the assembly it is passing through is required to be fire rated. That’s why the code you cited is located under Fire-Resistant Contruction.

Mr. Sheppard I am not really sure why you think garages or other areas of the home are not supposed to be fire rated construction. The chapter is not for specifics on “fire rated construction” it’s to dictate what is supposed to be “fire rated” in construction.
That’s news to me. All garages are required to have fire rated separation to dwelling spaces.
Why are we even having a conversation on rudimentary construction basics? Are you dyslexic??
I also think you’re a putz. GO back to inspection news.

Why are you doing code inspections or mentioning code ? We do not do CODE inspections, it’s a bad word.

Everything you do is based on the code. If it wasn’t how could you write it up. What are you citing when you say a relief line runs vertical and is not gravity fed to the ground. It’s code. When you say that insulation is installed wrongin the attic is the paper site is up what are you citing. It’s code. You guys can claim all you want that you don’t inspect the code but if you ever get pulled into court they’re going to ask you the same questions I just asked you. Granted a lot of what we do may not be 100% code related, But there’s a lot of items that are.